Man caught disposing parking fines from multiple vehicles into dumpster


A man was caught on camera disposing parking fines from several vehicles into a dumpster before nonchalantly walking away.

A video catching the man – who appears to be a summons officer based on his uniform – in the act was posted online on Facebook group, Singapore Taxi Driver, by netizen Ivy Long last week.

After the alleged culprit walks away from the scene, the person videotaping the man approaches the dumpster and discovers multiple parking fine slips crumpled up within the bin:

This pervert threw away many parking fine from many vehicles!

Posted by Ivy Long on Thursday, 23 November 2017


  1. Most probably a practice of favourism. Throw away copy tickets so nothing to submit and office no pursue anything. Meanwhile, those he submit to office will get green summons tickets before being hauled to court for delaying payments.

    Possibly also corruptible act!

  2. Remember the uncle who switch the luggage tag at airport so the luggage never arrive?
    Maybe this one dispose the summon so the owner never knew they kanna summon until it is over due and late charges is sent to their home

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