Man arrested at Raffles Place for demanding for PM Lee’s resignation over Terrex issue


Social activist Gilbert Goh shared a picture of a man demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the Terrex issue. A video he shared showed the man being arrested by the police. In speaking to TISG over the incident, Mr Goh said that the incident happened at Raffles Place today.

Posted by Gilbert Goh on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In the video the man can be heard screaming to the police, “I want you to release me! Take me to court!”

The man who identified himself as Yan Jun wrote to us earlier to say that he would be protesting today at 12pm at the central square outside Raffles Place MRT. He made his case for the protest in a Youtube video titled: “Why should PM Lee Hsien Loong resign over abuse of power?”

He said: “I have no intention of applying for a protest permit because the police are corrupt so they do not act in accordance with the law. I protested outside the US embassy and the British High Commission on Oct 20 and Nov 23 of 2016, respectably, but police took no action against me.”

He said that he had already informed the police of his protest.


  1. Interesting. When an old lady got assaulted, no arrest is make for a funny reason and yet this guy protested alone without injuring anyone he got arrested. Can anyone in the legal profession like to share what constitute an offence that the police can and cannot make an arrest on the spot.

  2. Can Spf arrest if there’s a few thousands or millions protesters fight for justice? Singaporean are too docile, meek, harmless.

  3. Poor disillusioned man. Thinking he could make a difference, where better people than him have tried and failed….. He doesn’t understand that sheep will never stray from their comfort zone .

  4. I dont know why PM Lee should quit..When have he ever abuse his power? This is a late political leader who is our singapore founding father, if his house get demolished, it would never exist anymore. Just like any great men in other countries whose things they own are being kept by musemum, that why our government want to perserve it.

  5. Sg police should dont bother!!!!I dont like these kind of action been taken by spf!!!Let these have ball man to request lhl to resign!!!He is only one man only!!!What a big deal?Sg police so busybody!!!I would want to ask spf that who made these law to arrest people peaceful protest and requesting about country leader?If lhl didnt told spf to do these…then spf can be dont dont bother to take any action!!!!Let him speak what he want to demand!!!Other countries police dont bother and act as middle man!!!I dont like these kind of way that spf doing!!!I felt annoyed to do these way!!!These man should go prime minister office to demand resignation to useless pm..

    • Jamie Rosmary Lim -You understand the meaning of freedom of expressions? People living under authoritarian govts have no concept what it is.You go to any countries with true democratic values and do this and nobody would bother you, whether you are a foreigner there or not.

  6. He is a new citizen from China. Haha about time for them to suffer the same pain under this idiot. Good to see within 70% we have many such instant turncoats, tide is changing.

    • And they are not a forgiving lot! Once they find out they have been lemon, pappy going to have their hands full fending off such retaliation. Haha let’s eat popcorn and watch them self destruct one by one.

  7. Here we have a whole lot of people praising him and condemning the SPF and what not. I don’t see any of you gathering together to do that same today!? No?

    Oh comment with your keyboard you dare, asked to make a stand in person in public, everyone balls shrinks?

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