Man allegedly twists bus passenger’s arm after refusing to give up seat holding his grocery bags


Facebook user Kalvert Yeo has taken to the social networking site to warn fellow users about a man who allegedly aggressed his sister-in-law on a crowded bus this past week when she asked him to give her the seat beside him which was empty save for the man’s grocery bags. In his post, Kalvert criticised the police’s handling of the case and the arduousness of seeking legal recourse.

The incident allegedly occurred on Bus 86 as it was moving along Jalan Kayu on the evening of 27 June. Kalvert’s sister-in-law is said to have asked the man to remove his groceries from the empty seat beside him so she could sit. When the man ignored her, she attempted to take a photo of him, at which point he allegedly grabbed and twisted her arm before throwing her phone on the floor.

Kalvert wrote that the man then tried to escape the bus but the other passengers onboard blocked him and held him there until the police arrived.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after but, to the disappointment of Kalvert and his family, deemed the case a civil conflict case and only took down a police report.

Kalvert wrote, “If we want anything to happen, we have no choice but to SPEND MONEY to engage a lawyer to sue him. In the end, only a police report is made. I don’t understand the law, but if today I was to GRAB & TWIST a policeman’s arm, I would get arrested immediately right? Why are they protected by the uniform they wear, where else normal citizens like us have to engage a lawyer to prosecute an obvious case of bodily harm/damage of personal assets?

“Anyway, since the police cannot do anything about this, I hope all my friends who read this can share the ugly deeds of this man on social media.”

OK I rarely do this. But this incident is too infuriating.This happened to my sis-in-law, she is not active on…

Posted by Kalvert Yeo on Thursday, 29 June 2017


  1. Too much work to police? Perhaps the beginning of a litigious society. Unfortunately, it eventually amplifies the narrative that justice can be bought, when the haves can swiftly lawyer-up and have-nots, well, see for yourself what is happening.

  2. Car owner gets slapped by Ferrari owner = Ferrari owner gets hauled to court.

    Bus rider gets assaulted by fellow bus rider = settle it yourself.

    Too bad we aren’t the rich

    • That slap was a punch recorded in witnesses & victim’s police testimonial statements. How it becomes a slap in the court room for a judge to nullified the assault case to near to nothing is how SG have different settings for law against rich but crazy ex-mp’s wife.

  3. i understand the feeling. I got physically assaulted before and the police do shit so it compelled me to practice martial arts if anything happens now its all out already …

  4. In other countries, folks won’t be so gung-ho. Fear of getting killed n beaten up by the mafia. Basically, just gotta join the police to self protect.

  5. Doesn’t matter what actions the guy did but to take the pic of the person without his agreement constitute infringement of his privacy. Both party at fault. The guy should be charged with violent behavior too

  6. Simply put our useless force cant n dnt knw hw to handle such harrasment. Imagine it takes 4 officers to handle a looney at a bus-stop n over 8 officers to handle a white trash at d airport. Ill trained or manpower shortage?

  7. Continue voting for the same govt thats promising to raise population to 10mil lah. Then you’ll all be fighting and biting over everything.

  8. Intrusive lah. Taking his photo.
    Many times I am tempted to take photos of belligerent citizens. Entitled people. Post them on social media.
    On reflection- why become one of those??!!

  9. I already give up! Everything already changed. Be killed then they will try to arrest the killer. If you defend yourself and hurt the to be killer. Go to jail for causing hurt.

  10. Very intrusive lah.
    Imagine whipping out your phone and snapping a picture?
    Luckily in Singapore you don’t get walloped.
    I bet you in many countries you could get killed

  11. Suay lor … consider you meet a siao uncle! Our police force will take action only when they see blood flowing out from your body! So no need to call the police, just judge yourself whether you are able to match his strength and size. If not don’t provoke him and just wait for an empty seat lor!

  12. Not necessary. It can be also if the man go and grab & twist any minister’s arm. U will see how effective is our police force. Of cos again, when will they board onto public transport. Somemore they will have security guards to tag along 😀

  13. nowadays, the spf seems to be washing their hands off everything. In the past, the police would bring the aggressor to the police station for a statement and the police report would go up to higher authority for further action as advised. If criminal offence is indeed committed. case will be refered by the police to the courts for hearing. Now all good for nothing.

  14. This is a he said, she said, how to confirm kind of case. It’s not obviously assault. What is the injury caused? What can the police do, arrest the guy? On what basis?

  15. If anyone notice the statue at the old Supreme Court holding the weighting scale seems like tiled 1 side. . Maybe they were weighting the cash before they took it off the weighting scale when they cast that statue.

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