Malaysia’s Chinese community angered says MCA Youth

A new straw thrown in the ongoing row on the loyalty of Malaysia’s super rich from the Chinese community with the MCA saying the community is very angry.

They are angry against the ‘vile comments’ made by the Minister of Tourism of Malaysia Nazri Aziz.

“The way Nazri commented on Robert Kuok is insulting towards the Chinese community in Malaysia. He is not targeting only Robert Kuok. He has crossed the border,” said the MCA’s Youth chief Chong Sin Woon.

He also asked Nazri to man up and apologise for his remarks against billionaire Robert Kuok.

He said with freedom of speech Nazri has all the right to comment or criticize anyone but his choice of words like ‘Pondan’ or ‘balless’ and dog.

These are seen as humiliating and insulting the Chinese community.

He said Kuok is not an ordinary person as he is well respected in Malaysia and in Asia.

The row over Robert Kuok started with blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin spreading news the billionaire is behind the funding the opposition DAP to topple the government.

Kuok is also accused of Malaysian Insight, a Malaysian portal.

Nazri then attacked Kuok over the allegations of plotting against the government.

Robert Kuok’s office in Kuala Lumpur has denied allegations of him giving money to the DAP

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz has thanked Robert for the clarification but also said that he wouldn’t apologise for calling him a “pondan”.

But the MCA youth chief said Nazri has openly insulted the Chinese though the latter said he only attacked Kuok.
“The Chinese are angered now,” he said.


  1. China welcomes Mr Kuok anytime. China could also pull all investments from Bolehland as the Tourism Minister had not been too good towards us.

  2. 不要把马来西亚想的太重要,在新加坡眼里马华什么也不是,不用把你的华人问题带来我们国家。把你的马来西亚三个种族的土匪带回去

  3. why feel offended. these people are jealous of Chinese being rich. take it as a pitch of salt lah.. if the malays are good. there should be a lot of rich malays there . why ???

  4. well.. the MCA not need to protest.. all these while the Chinese are belonged to DAP… in fact the number of seat that MCA holds doesnt reflect to the number of cabinet post in the Govt. This GE14, I hope they will just get of whatever they deserve.. prorate

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