Malaysian media shames Singapore MRT commuters for inconsiderate behaviour


大马新闻 News, Facebook page dedicated to Malaysian news, has shamed commuters of Singapore’s MRT for not giving up their seats to children and a pregnant woman. The person filming points to the kids sitting near the exit on the train’s platform and says, “this is how Singapore MRT is like…pregnant…children…and all the others.” The commuters sitting on the priority seat can be seen pretending to look at their mobile phone, or covering their face.


Posted by 大马新闻 News on Monday, 22 May 2017

It is unclear when the video was taken, but the video is trending with over 250 shares since being shared yesterday.

Today newspaper’s survey in 2010 said eight out of eight commuters gave up their seats to pregnant ladies. Several Singapore Motherhood forumers who commented on the survey doubted its findings.

One forumer commenting on the survey said: “OMG! That is so not true! Many times during rush hour, it may be impossible to squeeze to the ‘reserved’ seats and expect people to give up their seats to us. Either they:

1. Fake sleep, or

2. Play with the phone

3. Totally avoid looking our way….

And I observed that if the reserved seat is taken up by another pregnant lady, the people sitting beside the reserved seat will totally ignore if another pregnant lady is standing right in front of them. They expect only to give up seats if they are seated on the reserved area.

Talk about graciousness.”