Malaysian job seekers flocking to Singapore


The 3M company, which is located at Cheshire 4 Link, held a public recruitment for three new employees over the weekend. A long snake-like queue could be seen outside the factory, with some potential employees starting to queue a few hours before the official queue started. Most of them are believed to have come from neighboring Malaysia.

Recruitments were being held for operators, production technical staff, laboratory assistants and technical staff as well as maintenance and system technical staff, of which the number of recruits was not specified. The recruits would have to work 3 days a week, 12 hours a day as part of the shift system.

According to netizens, the roadside was filled up with cars and motorcycles and it was clear that most of the job seekers were Malaysians. 

A clear indication of the job situation in Malaysia or Malaysians trying to make use of the exchange rate? Well, with all the competition between the two countries from food to water to land, one more category can be added to the list now!


    • It goes to show Singaporeans aren’t competitive enough and if you look at it from a business owner’s POV, would you pay money and get a mediocre self entitled self centered employee or would you pay to get one that is hungry to feed himself and his family?

    • I was from retail. I belong to a minorities group. Normally retail and F&B were flooded with minorities and few Malaysians last time. Now we minorities were slowly being pushed away to let the foreigners create bigger nest in each company with PR’s and New Citizens helping other foreigners to get a job in Singapore. Many older batch lost their jobs because of the foreigners playing dirty politics that make local Singaporeans quit. The foreigners, PR’s and New Citizens are now the majority in many companies. Myself and many of my other friends and ex colleagues lost our jobs and doing temp or part time now.

    • I was discriminated many times. I wanted to try jewelry, watches and many others but rejected. Have you seen any malay or Indians in jewelry or watches?

    • Many other places I have tried… Trust me… The discrimination are really obvious now. But I wonder many companies can employ many foreigners that can’t speak mandarin. Discrimination EXISTS.

    • @John Ho I agree with you about the Mandarin part. It’s not that Singaporeans don’t want to do retail and FnB jobs, they usually don’t get the job because they can’t speak Mandarin. I experienced that many times through job interviews and looking at job requirements. And also heard the same woes from friends of other races who can’t speak Mandarin. And Singapore is an English speaking nation. It’s sad really

    • Mahya DarkLuv Singaporean Chinese are educated in both English and Chinese from Pri 1 right up to Sec 4 at least. So there shouldn’t be an excuse these Singaporeans cannot speak Mandarin and write Chinese.

      Like it or not most business in retail these days cater to customers from Mainland China.

      While we can demand PRC bus driver to learn English to do his job, we cannot demand PRC customers to do the same.

    • Mahya DarkLuv perhaps you should go learn Chinese. There are plenty of language courses in CC and from WDA.

      You lack the skill for the job and you say it’s unfair the business owners ask for that requirement?

    • Michael G R Lum… Just one in Hour Glass and riuh sekampung to set an example? How would you feel if we ask Chinese to learn Malay or Indian in order to get a job? So those foreign talent from retail and f&b all with mandarin? Lol!! You are one of the local people that kills your own people but feeds the neighbours.

    • Were you a Malaysian before? We have lots of Malaysians that turned PR’s and New Citizens that are threaten towards native Singaporeans… But they conquered most of the job industries by discriminating native Singaporeans. Foreigners, PR’s and New Citizens help to employ more foreigners.

  1. Still, the FUCKING PAP LEEDERS must RESTRICT THE FLOW of foreign workers from Malaysia!!
    Malaysian workers shd be restricted to work in ulu places like Tuas, Jurong West and offshore islands.

    • Hard to find jobs or hard to find high paying jobs? Theres a difference. I work as a pest control before earning $850 a month. Now i’m working for an MNC in global marketing. Its up to individual i think.

      I worked and studied and constantly upgraded. Alot of the people i know are complaining about this situation but really never did much to upgrade themselves and end up being sour.

    • Singaporeans are losing their competitive edge to compete for high paying jobs. Why?

      Because these people expect the govt to remove all obstacles for them so they can live in a hypothetical perfect system. And if the govt don’t do it, oh they are bad!

  2. We stay 400k to 700k building. … our median salary should be 3k to 5k.

    Those neighbouring countries building are MYR to S$ 40k to 100k compare to local citizens. Even if is 1k or 2k $S they still can survive at this salary not Singaporean.

    So suck thumbs. …

  3. The problem is some Singaporeans are always going on social media screaming, FT come to Singapore and take our jobs and women!

    Look! If you’re a FT and you see people screaming Singapore has jobs and women, will you not come flocking in by the bus load?!

    It’s like someone shouting to a bunch of hungry people where the food are!

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