Malaysian files lawsuit claiming Malaysian flag discriminited in USA


That is what an American park ranger thought and now it landed him in a lawsuit filed by a Malaysian citizen in the U.S.A.

An employee of a lake, described in the lawsuit as a park ranger, reported to an American agency, the SBEA that a group “dressed in Muslim garb” had an “American flag desecrated with Islamic State symbols”.

The Malaysians were organising a party at his home and his country flag that he used at the outdoor party was mistaken for an American flag desecrated by the terrorist group the Islamic State’s symbol.

The Malaysian citizen, Munir Zanial was reported to the FBI last September after he rented a recreational lake in Kansas.

Most of the 45 guests at the event were Muslims and some female guests wore hijabs says the report.

The event marked the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence and the guests took turns posing with it, according to the lawsuit paperwork said CNA.

The ranger allegedly filed a complaint with SBEA that Mr Munir and his guests had an ISIS flag.

it took the FBI a month to determine that the flag was Malaysian and the case against Munir was closed.

When Munir got barred from renting the recreational lake facility because of a previous party, he filed a lawsuit.