Lifestyle Arts Malaysian celebrity preacher Da'i Farhan and his complicated love life

Malaysian celebrity preacher Da’i Farhan and his complicated love life

The preacher was in the limelight last year when he married single mother of eight, Noorainul Naqim Mohd Rodzi, while they were in Mecca. He divorced his then pregnant first wife Fatin who was expecting their second child via voice note




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Malaysian celebrity preacher Nik Ahmad Farhan Nik Mohamad also known as Da’i Farhan isĀ often in the limelight due to his love life. Last year, social media was abuzz when he married a single mother of eight, Noorainul Naqim Mohd Rodzi, known as Dr Erin while they were in Mecca. He divorced his then pregnant first wife Fatin who was expecting their second child via voice note.

Erin posted on Instagram yesterday that the couple have broken up. She posted on her now-private account @drholisw that the break up was in the best interests of everyone including the preacher’s first wife Fatin Nurul Ain. A netizen was able to obtain a screenshot of the Instagram post which was named “Chapter 3 and The Last” and it showed information on the divorce.

Erin wrote that Ustaz (Niz Farhan) had asked for a divorce on 27 April after she requested to be let go. She said that it was the best solution for the three of them. She added that she knows the other party is having trouble moving on and she asked for the split because she is tired of the drama as well. Erin also said that she is fed up of the back and forth as Nik Farhan could not make up his mind or fix the problem.

Nik Farhan and Erin have split up due to complications. Picture: Instagram

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Sometimes Nik Farhan would say he wants to go back to Fatin and divorce Erin and then at other times he will say he wants a polygamous relationship and no divorce. Erin then said that she chose to be divorced willingly as Nik Farhan feels like he is to be blamed for everything. She hopes that people will not associate them as a couple anymore. She said that the breaking point for the preacher’s second marriage happened at the beginning of the year when he visited his first wife’s children.

Erin allowed Nik Farhan to visit his ex-wife and kids on 11 February and after meeting them, he told her that he could not bear to be away from them anymore. The preacher also told her that in order for him to stay with his kids, he would have to divorce Erin as Fatin did not want her kids to be raised in a polygamous family. Erin then met up with Fatin to tell her personally that she would be willing to let go of her husband.

She said that she was alright with the situation and she rather let go of him than see him suffer because he misses his children. Erin who has not relied on her ex-husband for anything is trying to settle the divorce quickly. She was determined to end the relationship during Ramadan but then she found out she was pregnant. Despite that, she is proceeding with the divorce.

Erin also said that she wants to apologise to anyone who is offended or affected by her marriage to the Uztaz and she does not want any complications. She said that she only accepted his proposal because of his religious values which she appreciates.

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