Malaysia-registered car parks at walkway inconveniencing wheelchair bound pedestrian


Facebook user Sivodayan Damohdaran, shared a video and several pictures of a Malaysia-registered car parked illegally on the pedestrian walkway. He said the incident happened on 7 May 2017, 2pm, at Block 632 Woodlands Ring Road. He said the driver of the car with the license plate number of BML 3000, and his wife acted, arrogantly when he confronted them.

BML 3000<7 May 2017 @ 2pm>Location : Blk 632 woodlands ring rdThe driver of this vehicle parked his car blatantly…

Posted by Sivodayan Damohdaran on Sunday, 7 May 2017

His post has gone viral with over 900 shares. Most facebook users who commented on the video noted how inconsiderate the driver was and remarked that he should be shamed.