Makansutra founder confronts “selfish retiree” who left dog tied to Halal tray return rack

KF Seetoh FB

Renowned local food guru, K.F. Seetoh, has received support online after he revealed that he confronted a “big talking selfish retiree” for tying his dog to a Halal tray return rack.

KF Seetoh is the founder of the long-running Makansutra food network which has produced heritage street food guides, international culinary tv shows and operated food markets over its 21-year history.

Seetoh, who has been lauded by international publications like the New York Times and CNN and was recognised as Singapore’s Food Ambassador by former President SR Nathan, was in the news recently after he exposed shocking conditions hawkers at the social enterprise hawker centres are forced to contend with.

Sharing a photo of the small dog who is tightly leashed to the tray rack, Seetoh wrote online on Monday: “when asked, this big talking selfish retiree merely said “i have been tying my dog to the halal rack for a long time already, there is no problem”. i told him he can say whatever he wants..but it’s wrong and that means wrong.”

Seetoh added: “God, pse take the ah pek back, retrain him and make this world a better place.” His post has since garnered over 500 reactions and over 400 shares on social media.

While many agreed that it is “selfish” of the dog owner to leash his dog to the Halal rack, many also pointed out that the man should not have tied his dog so tightly to the rack since the dog does not seem to be able to sit and since the rack could potentially fall on top of the dog: