Featured News Maids fight outside Kallang MRT over a Facebook profile impersonation

Maids fight outside Kallang MRT over a Facebook profile impersonation

The altercation was captured on video with the women pushing each other while yelling out vulgarities in relation to a fake facebook profile that one of them was alleged to have made




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A video of a group of maids who were fighting made its way around the Internet.

The minute-long video, shared on social media and popular Facebook page ‘All Singapore Stuff’ earlier today (Feb 11), garnered hundreds of comments and reactions within a few hours.

In the video, a group of women, presumably foreign domestic workers from the Philippines, were seen pushing each other and yelling vulgarities.

The video started with a lady in a striped dress pushing another woman down. As the rest of the group try to calm her down and defuse the situation, she headed towards another woman in red and started pushing her in an attempt to pick a fist-fight.

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Photo: Fb/All Singapore Stuff

Throughout the video, she can be seen shouting phrases in both Tagalog and English. At one point, she asks, “Do you want trouble? You used my profile picture”.

According to netizens, the lady in red made a new Facebook account impersonating the other woman and using her profile photo.

When the others try to calm her down to get them to talk things over, but she shouts at the other lady, “You are the garbage” and screams a lot more obscenities and angry words.

The other women around her can also be heard saying repeatedly “usap usap”, which is a phrase in Tagalog meaning, ‘let’s talk’, however, the woman was just too angry to listen.


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