Mahathir: Doing It His Way, For Love Of Country



Of all the congratulatory messages on Dr Mahathir Mohamad becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia once again, the one by ESM Goh Chok Tong seems to have struck a chord.

The 76-year-old basically alluded to the shared affinity of Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew: that of love of country.

After his swearing-in as PM on Thursday night, Mahathir addressed the media and there were a few times when he said “we really love this country.” It came across as truly heartfelt and genuine.

It hit home that Mahathir was not on a personal vendetta when he marshalled the Opposition to topple the government – he did it because he cared deeply about his country.

If we were to reflect on it, it becomes crystal clear.

Why would a 92-year-old (he turns 93 in July), deep in the winter of life, go through the pain and trouble of forming a political party and fighting the mother of all elections, if not for love of country?

We understand why Malaysians have been so prepared to put aside Mahathir’s wrongdoing during his previous tenure as PM of Malaysia for 22 years (which he has more than once apologised for). They embraced Mahathir as their leader and saviour so they could start afresh and build a better future for the country.

Malaysia is lucky to have someone like Mahathir.

And let’s not forget that Singaporeans are lucky to have had Lee Kuan Yew. Whatever our politics, we cannot deny that Singapore’s founding Prime Minister loved his country deeply and immeasurably.


This is why Mahathir can’t really undo Najib


  1. Dr. M’s second act in his long political career if executed correctly — namely, restoring honor, justice and rule of law to his nation, not least bringing the chief villains of 1MDB scandal and Ms. Altantuya’s murder to account — will doubtless immortalize his stature at home. He bids fair to becoming a legend of his country, on a par with what LKY’s stature is in Singapore. Like the patriarchs of old, his obituary may read: the Avenger who rid his nation of rampant moral pestilence, who restored decency and propriety to his fellow countrymen.


    FWIW, here’s my preceding Fb post of foreboding to Mr. Najib and his circle of intimates…

    May 12, 2018
    Karma awaitin’ Mr. Jib and fellow confederates, be very afraid as the reckoning draws nigh…

    Barely 2 months after being forced into resignation in Feb. this year, former S African Prez Jacob Zuma is now charged with 16 counts of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

    Forget about vacationing in Bali… Mr. Najib and company would be better off girding themselves now for what would shape up to be the biggest legal battles of their lives in the days ahead.

    A sidebar: there is a one-in-three chance that one of them (Baginda / Azilah / Sirul) might flip on their former boss over the unexplained, heinous murder of Ms. Altantuya… particularly the above-mentioned last two convicted witnesses — Azilah and/or Sirul would be nothing loath to spill everything in return for a commutation of their death sentence by hanging.

    • I feel that after MY election and so many thing happening in SG for the past 2.5 years indeed HARRY LEE is selfish.
      Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
      Couldn’t put Humpty together again

      Harry Lee will not come back, SG 4G’s and 5G’s is not a political talent , we are doom. Not that I am a pessimist, but if you look around and talk around you will come to sense. Remember: Never marry chabor of your own kind.

  2. Perhaps it was that his love for his son was greater than anything else. Because he wanted his Son to become the PM and allowed the Son to come up with all kinds of nonsense ideas that for all reality actually was a flop.

    The we must beat them to the gun and build our casinos because everyone else is building their own. Now both face problems because the big fishes are just not coming and or have run without paying their debts.

    We must have the F1 so that we are in the world map….. now after so many years, it’s just becoming a hassle.

    We must become the Monaco of the East because this is where the rich will come and we have our own monarchy…….. well we ain’t that great in the wealth management sector and the investments come at a very very high cost.

    And now the pink one also is wants his Son to come in? Please nooooooo

  3. Regardless of how great our leader was, he was but a human. He might have loved his country but he also loved his eldest child greatly. He might be very intelligent but vulnerable to his own flesh and blood whom he did not feel the need to defend himself against. He might know in his heart that his child would not be a good leader but which proud man would admit to the world that his seed is not worthy.
    Costly mistakes that cannot be undone even now.

  4. a useless son. did MaoTS or Teng SP appointed their son to be CHAIRMAN of the Parry. only greatmen like them don’t appointed their son to take over this important post. only those who are narrow-minded and selfish appointed their own son even though they know their son is useless.

  5. LKY is our savior that also plant the seed of our destruction in his many policies.

    无法牵制 ……… 统冶万年

  6. As a Singaporean I really salute and love PM Tun Mahathir for his heart for his country and rakyat! A great brave history I witnessed that to a Full Termination to greedy ones and save the Nation! Congrats Malaysia I am proud of your PM and His Opposition Team!