LTA and SMRT given the most feedback, according to feedback site #hearmeout

Photo: YouTube screengrab

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) are two organizations that have received the most feedback from netizens, according to #HearMeOut, a website launched by former CEO of NTUC Income, Tan Kin Lian.

The website was officially launched almost two weeks ago, with a soft launch that happened about a month ago.


After a month of running, organisations such as LTA, SMRT, the various Ministries, Grab, the National Environment Agency and even the Monetary Authority of Singapore received feedback from Singaporeans.

LTA had 11 comments, with seven of them being negative, one was positive and the remaining three were suggestions.

The gripes people had ranged from the issue of parking at housing estates, slippery tiles on pedestrian pavements and how transport companies should do away with the law of ‘no food or drinks’ on trains or buses.


Similarly, SMRT had six comments, with four of them negative ones. They also received one commendation and one suggestion.


Mr Tan launched the website on May 29, and he said “This website is for public to submit feedback (negative, compliment, suggestion) on a specific organization. You can also view the feedbacks on any specific organization”.

Those who give feedback on the site “have to provide [their] name, email and contact for verification by the administrator. The personal data will not be disclosed to the public but may be released to the relevant organization”.

The platform does seem to serve as a way for the common-man to express everyday problems he might face, or even bigger issues.

Mr Tan also added, “I wanted to create this website so that the general public can see the feedback. If there is a lot of negative feedback, the organization may be more inclined to act”.

On Facebook on Thursday, Mr Tan shared a post about the website.
He said, “Here is a summary of the feedback posted in the #HearMeOut platform, arranged by organization.

You can click on any organization to see the feedback for that organization.

The organizations with most feedback are Land Transport Authority and SMRT.”