Lowly educated old woman loses $25000 accumulated over lifetime to DHL scam


A socio-political blogger who writes under the pen-name of ‘Respect Singapore’ in Facebook has reported that his mother has lost $25,000 of her money, all of which was accumulated over a lifetime, to scammers from China.
mom1 mom2On Jun 3 he wrote that his mother who he describes as “a lowly-educated retired old woman” received a call a few days prior to the date. The caller told his mother that she was being investigated by the police in China for trafficking in fake credit cards and money laundering. The caller threatened her with arrest if she did not cooperate.

The blogger shared that his mother was eventually duped into giving you her life savings, which she “painstakingly accumulated over a lifetime of work as a nightshift operator and convenience store cashier to support our family.”

He has helped his mother to make a police report, but doubts if the money transferred to the fraudsters will ever be recovered.