Lorry driver fights back after motorcyclist high kicks its side mirror

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Singapore – It was only less than two weeks ago that a lorry driver and a road-raging cyclist went viral when another incident took place along East Coast Road on December 31, Monday.

This time it was the drivers of a lorry and a motorcycle that got involved in some martial arts Kung Fu scene on the road.

Video footage from a dashcam shows a motorcyclist approaching the front side of the lorry while engaged in a heated argument with the driver. After a few moments, the motorcyclist angrily slams the door. Meanwhile, another motorcyclist who appears to work for Deliveroo approaches the men in hopes of calming down the situation. Parked in front of the lorry was a delivery motorcycle with a Foodpanda bag attached, which probably belongs to the peacemaker.

The video footage switches to the back view just in time to capture the angry motorcyclist performing a high kick on the lorry’s side mirror and succeeds in breaking it.

This time around, the lorry can be seen getting its revenge by suddenly accelerating towards the two men. Luckily, the pacifist got to avoid the impact by running to the back of the truck. The other driver, however, was right in front when it happened. He narrowly avoided the full weight of the truck but unfortunately, his motorcycle was not spared as it could be seen tumbling down after getting bumped by the lorry.

Watch the full video here:

Lorry and motorcyclist road rage

Motorcyclist road rage with the lorry driver. Not sure why there were 2 bikes though."Suddenly, the motorcyclist slammed the lorry’s door and did a high kick and sent the lorry’s side mirror flying. The lorry driver then tried to run down the motorcyclist in a fit of anger. At the end knocking down the motorcycle instead."Happened on 31/12/18 at 1.40 pm along East Coast Road just before Joo Chiat Road. Credit: Mervyn Yap

Posted by ROADS.sg on Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Netizens are giving their responses to the trending news of cyclists/motorcyclists and lorries. According to WK Josh, the side mirror has become a favourite target of angered men when it comes to road rage. On the other hand, lorries have acquired the reflex of knocking down the person in response to being assaulted.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Hanafi Salleh makes an analysis and says that business should be booming lately for side mirror manufacturers.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

On a more serious note, Alvin Kuo looks at the situation from both sides.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

More updates will be posted regarding the incident.