Local bar chews customer out, calling her a “bitch” after she leaves them a 1-star review


An online spat between a disgruntled customer and a local bar has gone viral thanks to the bar’s brutal excoriation of the customer, following her 1-star review of the bar on their Facebook page.

In her review, Fawn Chia wrote that she experienced poor service at Stickies Bar’s Sunset Lane outlet when she and her companions were asked to leave the premises a few minutes before the closing time of 12am. She alleged that she was told that she would be dragged out of the premises when she requested to finish her drinks at 11.52pm.

Stickies Bar responded with their version of events before telling Fawn “Perhaps you should consider giving your brain a 1 star rating, to match you(r) IQ.”

Fawn replied to Stickies Bar suggesting that they are trying to create problems over honest feedback. The CEO of Stickies Bar, Norman Then, responded directly to Fawn and claimed that Fawn stormed off “like a child” and slapped a tower of Uno Stacko blocks to the ground as she left the bar.

The matter has attracted mixed responses from netizens, with some expressing distaste for the way Stickies Bar has handled the issue while others sympathised with the Bar and Norman, praising them for standing up for themselves.


    • She may look like one but at least she doesn’t look as hideous as the owner, who looks like the by-product of a medieval ape and a bulldog in heat.

  1. Regardless whether she looks like a “bitch” or otherwise, I thank her for inadvertently exposing this pathetic so-called bar which closes at 12am. 12am, really? Bloody freaking bastard you close at 12am and you still have the audacity to call yourself a bloody bar? You bunch of Shameless wretched assholes. And even though I don’t know the full details, like whether the parents of the owner of this bar are siblings, but the fact that he had the cheek to resort to name-calling a customer, I think that says a lot. Once again, without establishing whether his entire family was gang-raped by a bunch of retarded wolves, I can’t comment much. But the reality is that you no need to look further than this case to understand why this country is going to the pits. Because morons and brainless dogs are defending this “bar”, when it should be burnt to the pits.

    • Why can’t they close at 12am? It’s their operating hours and the business is not yours. So what time they decide to close it’s their management decision. And they are open from 12pm to 12am daily. It’s the girl being a bit*h. Stop being a white knight unless you are her bf.

    • Most bar alcohol license is up to 2359hrs. Coffee shop & retailers like 7 eleven stop selling at 2230hrs. In case you ignorant of sgp law.

    • Yap Jonathan Yes of course they can close anytime they like, even at 8pm. But to call itself a “bar”, it’s just lame and pathetic. And why I can’t defend her unless I was her BF? I would speak up regardless if it’s a he, she or it. There may be more than one bitch here, but the owner is certainly being a bully and a coward in resorting to name-calling. Like I said, I don’t know his life history (whether his parents socialized him to be a failed gangster or he experienced horrific experiences like his gf being gang-raped by a pack of belligerent wolves thus he’s using this method as a form of release ) so admittedly I can’t fully explain his acts.

    • If u travelled a little bit. A bar need not always be at night. It can be right in the day. And some close at 10pm even. And some even worse 8pm. And yes, they are called ‘bars’.

    • LOL. ‘Normative interpretation of bars in the local context is not as such.’ Then what’s your context of a bar operating hours? 24/7? As long as it sell wines or beers,it’s called a bar already.

    • Bar
      a counter in a pub, restaurant, or cafe across which drinks or refreshments are served.
      “standing at the bar”
      synonyms: counter, table, buffet, stand
      “please purchase your drinks from the bar”

    • Close at 12am and You called them a bloody freaking bastard …. looks like the pot calling the kettle black ? Maybe you need batman to spank your little gayish ass for speaking like that ? Haha Say robin likes to eat crackers ?

    • Yap Jonathan they can close at 12am. Doesn’t give them the rights to insult a customer leaving feedback. You defending the owner is reprehensible. As a owner of a business, it’s pure stupidity to be picking a fight with a customer no matter who’s right. Neither me nor any of my friends would want to be Norman Then’s customer.

    • Shanon Tam nah I am more Nottingham than Gotham. Will forgive you since you must be inundated by the chemo running through your veins. And don’t worry, the discount I issued yesterday for the wretched session with you and the cunt you called Mun would not be voided. Peace!

    • I work in events/customer service line. Occassionally I’ll encounter special snowflakes who’ll tell me how to do my job or what time to open/close my event just bcus they say so. You must be one of them

    • Mohsien Hanafi no dumb ass there are dumb customers who are just plain rude and should be told off. But I am not asking you to do your job I am just telling you that in this freaking line of work, you will pay if you fucking do not know how to handle your customers.

    • Chagall Rodin Nope. I’m not defending the owner. When in my previous comments that you read that i was defending the owner? I am just speaking what came up on my mind. It’s also doesn’t give the customer right to be a self entitled prick despite repeat warning.

    • They have to close at 12 becos of the liquor license they are awarded. The penalty is severe if u cross 12am; it might cost them their license and they have to close for good.

      There shud be more tact which i couldnt agree more. But dealing with self-entitled customers really takes a lot of patience

    • Not talking about the Stickies Bar customer nor the bar itself. I’m talking about you. Look at how you talk to others. Besides, your point on “you close at 12am and you still have the audacity to call yourself a bloody bar?” perfectly explains my point on “customers telling me what time to open/close just bcus they say so”.

    • Seriously? You never read the bar’s post? That’s the license they got from the authority. Perhaps your post should be targeted at the government instead?

  2. No matter how ‘bitchy’ a customer is, when u run a service business, tat is NOT the way to reply to a customer giving feedback. Kinda shows your level of maturity and professionalism. The bad publicity tat comes from this will make the business lose out in the end.

    • She was being a bit*h in the 1st place and she deserved to be treated that way. Customers are not always right. Ever given a thought to the people working there? Some might worked the full 12 hours and wanted to go home and rest. Fyi,they are open at 12pm daily.

    • Customers are not always right and there are some customers that deserve to be flamed. But in this case, the owner is behaving like a thug and a bully and a wastrel. He should be publicly shamed for being a total disgrace to the FnB industry. Unless his parents are both dying of AIDS, then maybe I can begin to comprehend what he did.

  3. I think the boss looks out for his staff. Shouldn’t we applaud bosses like that?? Trust me.. most bosses are the opposite. This Norman is the man!

  4. The reply wasn’t professional for a bar operator. Good or bad rating, take it and buck up your level of service to make a difference. I can fairly understand them running the operations as they meet all kinds of customers but hey, you need them all to survive. Just my point of view.

    • So freaking what? They can ask her to leave at that time but do they have to do so repeatedly since 1120? And must they be such a bitch to threaten that they can remove her at 1150? If she was lying about the above they should sue her for harming their reputation. If not, this bastard owner should just kneel down and repent. Since his sorry parents can’t teach him proper etiquette.

  5. Robin Chee agree. It’s disgusting to see a bunch of militant social justice warriors defending the reprehensible low life who picks a fight with a customer. what is this country coming to?

  6. its not just this bar, most food establishments reject or close before their closing time. for example, starbucks raffles shooes away customers at 830pm because they close at 9pm. most restaurants turn their chairs upside down and on top of the tables an hour before closing.

    • Let’s state some facts, most boss pay till the shop closing time, no ot payment after that timing. And FnB line, closing = cleanliness is a must, daily account settlement must be done. So, would u prefer to work extra with no OT?

  7. Bar usually inform you of last order. She never been to chiong b4 and dunno the rules n regulations. Even ah ma like me also know.. Tsk tsk…sia suey…lol

  8. Bottom line, customers are not always right. Sometimes service staff need hardline measures to defend their staff and business. How many times have customers insulted service staff? Many times. With difficult customers, sometimes service staff will have to be abit heavy handed. I work in service. Customers have called me worse names before and insulted me For me once a customer insults me, i will be nasty to them. Try me. Want good service can. But treat your service staff with respect. It goes both ways. I support Stickies Bar. Customers who are rude don’t deserve service.

  9. I am not surprised if this turns out to be a publicity stunt by the CEO and the so-called “bitch”. Bad publicity is still publicity isnt it…hmm

  10. I believe she deserves it. Some customers are asking for it. Yes they do pay money for just F&B but the don’t own the place u wouldn’t be responsible for whatever fuk happens to it like the boss does. If u want to do what u want, go get some money and buy it down. Or else shut up and move on.

  11. Club close 6am also close at 520 am. Wat u expect .. she really a bitch. . For u they got to over time. Transport got to work extra time. Just because waiting for a bitch.. I salute the boss. Hardly can see bosses side the staffs .. but…. should had use a better response. . No brain bitch haha

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