Loanshark runners brazenly attack homeowner and set HDB flat gates on fire


Several short video clips of men setting fire to HDB flat units have been circulating online. In one video, one of the men who appears to be a loanshark runner, brazenly punches a homeowner through the grilles of his gate.

The videos, which were posted on social media yesterday, have been going viral online:

Be careful 😠😠😠

Posted by Daniel Nganasekaran on Thursday, 1 March 2018

not bad ah ah longs…very daring.Singapore police force.."are you watching"

Posted by Salimabd Baiya on Thursday, 1 March 2018

Several netizens tagged the Singapore Police Force in the comments section of the videos. They have also asked what law enforcement officials will do about such dangerous offences:



    • Agree.

      Ah Long runner is chao kar style. But owner also got story behind. Because of him, neighbours who are innocent also affected.

      Should investigate and punish owner also because illegal moneylending is an offence, and borrower is also a party to the whole thing.

  1. Perhaps it’s time for HDB to implement RESIDENTS’ ACCESS CARD points to their respective dwelling flats liao ….

    Since our Ah Kong is flushed with bountiful surplus at $10 Billion, surely every SG door shouldn’t be on fire or easily invaded & threatened by these COMMANDO AH LONG SQUAD lor …???

  2. A house on fire, while greedy millionaires jesting in government and busy sham fixing fake news, dwelling laws on trivia.
    The state of lawlessness is getting from bad to worse, this place is crumbling.

  3. Damage of Government property is a serious offence!!! Nowadays Singapore is it safe???
    I really hope that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to look into this matter SERIOUSLY!!! The SPF MUST concerns of all the residents Life/Safety/Security in the property!!! Please take serious action again the culprit!!!