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Lion City Rentals car refused to let cabbie’s elderly passenger alight at drop-off point




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Dennis Chua, a taxi-driver shared that he was prevented from letting an elderly passenger alight at a safe drop-off point by another car. It is unclear when the incident happened but Dennis in sharing his unpleasant experience in the Facebook group Singapore Taxi Driver said that the car which was blocking him was from Lion City Rentals, an Uber-affiliated partner.

Dennis said that the incident happened at Block 309 Bukit Batok Street 31, and that when he approached the driver to allow his passenger to alight because it was raining heavily outside, the other driver refused to do so. When Dennis tried to explain to him that his passenger had difficulty walking, the other driver just stuck out his tongue.

Dennis asked how the other driver would have reacted if it was his own father in the cab.

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