International US Linkin Park lyrics stopped man from committing suicide

Linkin Park lyrics stopped man from committing suicide




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A man was stopped from jumping off a bridge with the help of a woman who quoted Linkin Park lyrics to him.

Nurse Cristina Settanni was running late to work last February when she noticed the man sitting on a ledge of an overpass.

She stopped her car and accompanied the man on the ledge.

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Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office shared the incident on a Facebook video.

“I stopped because I’ve been where he was,” said Settanni in the video.

“He needed somebody to show that somebody cared enough to stop and [cared] enough to tell him that he didn’t need to do that today.”

Settanni recited a Linkin Park lyric from the song ‘One More Light’ to the man on the ledge: “Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do.”

The man was in tears after that.

After receiving 911 calls about the man on the bridge, Deputy Shaun Cayer arrived on the scene and saw the both of them on the bridge.

At first he thought both of them were making a pact to jump together but then he saw that Settani was talking to him in a calm manner.

Cayer asked the man to step back but when he resisted the officer pulled him back to the bridge.

The man did not want to be a burden to his family after some bad decisions.

Instead of being arrested, the man was taken to a mental health facility as per the Florida Mental Health Act.

Settanni thinks of the man every day and cannot bring herself to drive through the same road.

Linkin Park acknowledged Settanni’s act of kindness on Twitter on Wednesday, 31 Jul with the simple message: “Thank you Cristina.”

“One More Light” was Linkin Park’s last single with lead singer Chester Bennington.

He committed suicide in 2017, leaving behind loved ones and fans heartbroken.

After his passing, the band launched a site dedicated to Bennington which contains details of the suicide hotline in the States.

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