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Lim Tean’s People’s Voice Party holds election strategy meeting with “army of volunteers”

The Chief of People's Voice Party said that he was confident of growing his team of volunteers and activists to at least three to four times its current size before the next general elections




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Lim Tean, Chief of People’s Voice Party, held a meeting with some volunteers of his party, to discuss preparations and strategies for the upcoming General Election.

The meeting was held last Saturday (June 22), with the Divisional Heads of Peoples Voice’s volunteers.

According to the Party Chief, in less than two months, the People’s Voice Party’s “army of volunteers has doubled in size”. Lim Tean also added that he was confident to grow his team of volunteers and activists to “at least 3-4 times (its current size) before the GE is called”.

“Peoples Voice will be contesting in many constituencies across our Nation in the coming GE”, Lim Tean said.

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He also called for others to join their group of volunteers “to bring our message of Putting People First and Making Singapore Our Home Again to all Singaporeans”.

Peoples Voice Volunteers’ MeetingYesterday afternoon, the Divisional Heads of Peoples Voice’s volunteers gathered to…

Posted by Lim Tean on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Lim Tean, the former head of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) left and set up People’s Voice, which was registered on 31 October 2018. People’s Voice is the 11th political party in Singapore.

A bankruptcy application brought against Lim Tean by a Shanghai businessman over a US$150,000 ($203,000) loan was formally withdrawn in the High Court on Monday (Feb 18), earlier this year.

The withdrawal follows the submission of two cheques by Lim in January to repay the debt he owed Mr Huang Min.

Netizens who commented on Lim Tean’s post on social media referred to the other opposition parties and asked the former not to get himself into a three-cornered fight, and to work with other opposition parties.


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