Featured News Lim Tean tries to ‘do a PJ Thum’ and says LKY used...

Lim Tean tries to ‘do a PJ Thum’ and says LKY used the ISA “against his political opponents to decimate them”




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In a Facebook post last week, Chief of unregistered political party People’s Voice Lim Tean spoke about Dr Poh Soo Kai, a detainee of the Internal Security Act (ISA).


In his post, he said Dr Poh “was a founding member of the PAP but was a victim of the draconian ISA which Lee Kuan Yew used against his political opponents to decimate them, and not to counter communism, which was the intent behind the law”.

He also alleged that, “In 1987, the ISA was again used, this time against a group of innocent young men and women who were accused of a Marxist conspiracy. The ludicrousness of that charge is apparent to all of us now, some 31 years later. But it is no laughing matter because the ISA is a blunt instrument that destroys lives”.

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Many online refute Mr Lim’s claims and compare him to historian Thum Ping Tjin, who was grilled for six hours by Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.


This was because, the historian had, according to Minister Shanmugam, “in his written submission to the Select Committee…that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was the biggest creator of fake news in Singapore, a liar, and Operation Coldstore was based on falsehoods.”

Mr Shanmugam also added, “These are serious allegations made in Parliament about our founding PM”.

Many other Facebook pages and websites have also refuted Mr Lim’s comments, adding that “CPM members themselves have disclosed that those who were detained including Dr Poh had connections to the Communist Party of Malaya”.




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