LiHo customer stealthily swipes smartphone accidentally left at payment counter by previous customer


A woman has been caught on CCTV cameras stealthily swiping a previous customer’s smartphone at the payment counter of a LiHo outlet at Bugis Junction.

The customer who lost her smartphone, Denise Neo, has taken to Facebook to share her plight and appeal for more information about the culprit.

Neo wrote on the social networking site last Sunday that she was at the LiHo outlet and had left her phone on the payment counter. When she remembered her phone just about two minutes later, she was devastated to find that her phone – along with the items in her phone casing: her banking cards, ez link card, and IC – was missing:

“Hi everyone, today is an extremely sad day as my OPPO R7s (Rose Gold) phone (in a black phone casing wallet) got stolen at Bugis Junction X Bugis+LiHO Singapore and will be uncontactable for a long while. As most of you know that Hp now plays a huge part in everyone’s life, so is mine. Inside contains my IC, debit cards (which I have already called the bank to terminate), ezlink card and many more.
“Many asked, how did I lose my phone? Well.. I was ordering my drink at 1715hrs with my bf & girl friend, while making payment I placed my hp on the counter and forgotten about it and only realize it after 2-3mins. (Anna) – Liho manager took a while to look through the CCTV footage on her hp and they manage to find the culprit shown in the photo. Thank you, Anna, so much for the assistance and trouble to look through the footage!
“This lady was queuing behind me and took my hp instead of returning it to me when I was just right there. Talk about integrity. If anyone knows her please let me know. Help share pls! Phone last located at Bukit Panjang area – Chestnut Ave.”

CCTV footage shows the culprit swiping the smartphone by putting her wallet on top of it then grabbing the phone along with her wallet:

Hi everyone, today is an extremely sad day as my OPPO R7s (Rose Gold) phone (in a black phone casing wallet) got stolen…

Posted by Denise Neo on Sunday, 29 October 2017


  1. Never establish the habit of holding the phones in your hand after using it. Quickly put it in your handbags, pouches, pockets, etc after use. I had seen cases of commuters leaving their phones on the benches while waiting for their buses. When their buses came, they got up to flag the buses, leaving their phones on the benches. Toilet wash hand basins were a another favourite spot where phones were frequently found left behind.

  2. Price to pay for being forgetful. It’s not stolen. Your own carelessness. What’s your bag for?.

    SINGAPORE HAS A BIG CELLPHONE SYNDROME problem where either your eyes are glued to the screen and not watching where you are going!.

  3. After reading the entire article like twice … I can’t help but think if this forgetful lady had once again “forgotten” the fact that it was her carelessness that has caused her item to be taken away .You sounded as if the whole world including the stall people owned you an explanation and everybody upon stumbling across your story should stand on your side ?
    We have to be accounted for …. for your carelessness ? Hell no !!!
    You make it look like taking a candy from a baby , fancy leaving the phone right under the nostrils of the other lady ?
    Disclaimer : Am not saying that the other lady who took your phone is right .

    You on the other hand ain’t neither . Please look after your own things because no one is going to do it for you … I personal have forgotten things too and have my fair share of regrets , learn it the hard way kiddo .

  4. On one hand If I’m not wrong it’s an offence to keep something that you pick up that does not belong to you, so it’s a case for the police.
    On the other, it’s not very smart to leave one’s valuable and/or important possessions in a HP case, in fact I think its outright stupidity

  5. Its ur carelessness that cost u. She does not have the responsibility to return to u? Maybe she didn’t know. But whatever it is. Learn it the hard way. Its lost. Not stolen. If she didn’t take it someone else will.. and maybe give to a police station nearby or sold it. In anycase u wont be able to find it. Unless u so heng. Return to the same police station or u report with ur imei?

    • Sebastian Ng l didn’t meant that what the lady did was right. But it isn’t the lady duty to take care of another phone.
      It is same as if you drop your wallet you expect someone not to pickup? It will either be pickup and given to police or some cases they will just take the cash and dumb the rest?
      I have people who pick up my wallet but only return my IC and I am grateful. Because lost is lost. She is being a muddlehead to misplace her item then she will not be able to complain. If she kept them well none of these will happen isn’t it?
      And the lady who took the phone, how do you know that she didn’t give it to lost and found? How you know she didn’t give it to the nearby police station? Nope right? So ya. Don’t judge. But if she kept it for her own. Its wrong. But someone give her this opportunity.

  6. Why are people lambasting the woman whose item was clearly stolen? Have you NEVER EVER been forgetful or careless with your own stuff? Never lost anything? Never forgot an errand you needed to do?

    • It’s a matter of too many keyboard vigilantes these days who love throwing stones without ever putting themselves in other people’s shoes. It’s not just other people’s battles, sis. It’s everyone’s battles. When did victims start getting blamed instead?

    • Corinne M. Goh who owes you? If you’re forgetful or careless, you pay a price for it! Learn a lesson and don’t repeat your mistake!

      Your parents didn’t protect you? Where are they??

      Other than your family, NO ONE owes you a duty of care!

    • So u think it’s ok to blame victims for their carelessness? Are you going to blame rape victims for wearing too little next? What’s this got to do with owing anyone anything? Why are people so quick to blame victims instead of the one who commited the crime??? Are you one of those who thinks it’s abdolubtely ok to take what doesn’t belong to you just because of someone else’s mistake or moment of absent-mindedness?

  7. Hi Denise, I can feel you.
    Just happened to me last Friday @ IMM Club21 outlet.
    I was trying out a pair of shoes and left my glasses (with casing) just beside the display console and I confirm to buy and ask for new pair,.
    While it takes awhile for the assistant to find it and finally I have last tried them before proceed to the counter for payment. After leaving the outlet to next door shop for a few minutes then I realise I have forget to take along my glasses. When I went back, it wasn’t there and all the staff has no sight of it!!
    Can you imagine it a glasses!! Who the hell would take something which they can’t use ? And it’s only merely a few minutes.
    Shame on you whoever steal it. Moreover is inside the shop, not public places.

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