Li Hongyi is working on improving the efficiency of transport in Singapore


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s son, Li Hongyi, recently spoke about how technology is impacting transport at a conference focusing on e-commerce, payments, banking and retail, Seamless Asia.

The son of Lee and state-owned wealth fund Temasek’s CEO Ho Ching, Hongyi presently serves as deputy director of product and engineering at the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech). Hongyi is one of the key developers behind -an application that allows drivers in Singapore to pay for parking digitally.

Having previously been employed at Google, the MIT graduate has been with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore for over 4 years, since December 2013. According to his LinkedIn profile, Hongyi is now in charge of increasing interest in computer science education in Singapore, redesigning and reimplementing, and improving the transport network using sensors and optimisation algorithms.

Touching on how the launch of could be improved, the grandson of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew also spoke about a new invention that Govtech is working on that aims to improve the efficiency of transport in Singapore.

The invention, an application called Beeline, is a crowdsourcing platform for commuters to “activate more direct, private express bus routes that cater to their travel needs, especially during peak periods,” according to GovTech’s website.

Elaborating at Seamless Asia, Hongyi said that the approaches for transport in Singapore has been more focused on connectivity in the past, as opposed to efficiency. This means that commuters may have to have a longer travel time since bus lines will make multiple stops to serve a wider area of commuters.

Explaining that “as the country grows, it doesn’t make sense for 10 buses to go everywhere,” Hongyi said that the new Beeline application aims to cut down travel times from say 60 minutes to 30 minutes, before further reducing travel times to say 10 minutes. was developed under the leadership of PM Lee’s son, Li Hongyi


  1. Not interested in politics? At such a young age, holding key positions in state owned enterprises. It has all the signs of becoming a pap candidate soon. So the Lee siblings were right that he will eventually be the next pm. No interest in politics?!!! Papa has set the path for you already. Not for you to choose but you are chosen just like himself.

  2. Well if he is an exceptional talent, why not ? No many talents with exceptional qualities may be willing to sacrifice their good life for a grueling public service. It’s not a bed of roses for those who are not up to it. But for anyone aspiring for the top jobs, they have to be all round exceptional otherwise there will be no credibility.

  3. Now i understand the very long term planning why SMRT is allowed to cut down on maintenance and breakdown over the past few years. Paving the path for credits n glory to testify of ability. Exactly the same as the cable car incident though we knew who the real heroes were.

  4. “Hideous and hidden” Son of “dishonourable son” leetator-ascension propaganda starts!

    “BIG DATA SMART POLICED NATION” of PAPigapore starting with “efficien-see or surveillance transport” to spy on ALL SINGAPOREANS’ PRIVACY starts!!!!

  5. So if this guy can make it happen. It goes to show that the rest of them has been sitting on their backside, twiddling thumbs and collecting fat paychecks and bonus. If these were the top guys, best of the best SG can produce…. Heaven help us.

  6. Lai liao lor, lai liao lor…. next potential PM in Singapore… this is the true reason…but is he married with son? Else how to make sure its passes down to the next next generation? No other talent in Sillypore to realise this innovation???