LHY in his own words: PM Lee escalated grievances on ‘private family matter’ to committee of subordinates to bypass court system


Lee Hsien Loong took his grievance on a “private family matter” to a committee of his subordinates. He sought to bypass the court system. This was an extra-judicial secret attack, aimed at undermining our father’s last will and his unwavering wish.

Its primary focus was in fact to parrot Lee Hsien Loong’s attack on our father’s wish to demolish the house and Hsien Loong’s attempts to discredit our father’s final will. The committee now claims it was just discussing options for the house, but this is an excuse offered after its operations were exposed.

Whether or not LHL supposedly recused himself from decision-making, his own subordinates cannot be the judge of a matter in which he has a direct personal interest.

The mysterious ministerial committee refused to list the options it was considering for 38 Oxley Road, even after repeated requests from Lee Kuan Yew’s Estate.

The closest hint it gave to any discussion on options was this vague paragraph, from Minister Lawrence Wong, on 24 August 2016.

Notice that this avoids confirming​ whether being “converted to a park” is an option under sincere consideration. The option is discussed only “by way of illustration”​ – without confirming or denying that this is a concrete option on the table.

Naturally, we wrote back to ask for concrete information. On 20 Dec 2016:

1 We wrote again on 28 Feb 2017:

The mysterious committee did not answer our queries. ​It spent most of its time repeating Lee Hsien Loong’s relentless attacks on our father’s demolition wish. Its focus was not options on the house. It was an extra-judicial secret attack, through a committee of Hsien Loong’s subordinates, aimed at undermining our father’s last will and his unwavering wish.

Whether or not Lee Hsien Loong ‘recuses’ himself, his own subordinates cannot be his secret judges.

Source: https://goo.gl/Gq86hx


    • The perpetrator himself Tak Tau Malu want to say what, brother..? He brought the whole matter into Parliament, not only us locals know.,people around the world get to read about it…the “Malu” feeling for him non existence already bro…

    • And now he’s playing the victim and said it’s his family and he doesn’t want to sue. He even said his siblings accusations are baseless. Nonsense, he knows well it’s not easy and his reputation and dirty deeds will be pried further. What a nonsense and evil person!

  1. His siblings cannot get along with him. Our nearest 2 neighbors also refused to extradite bedok murder suspect from Indonesia and Canadian bank robber from Thailand back to him. Our mrt train also failed to bring us from orchard to woodland

  2. Convening a SECRET committee of Ministers including DPM Teo & Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Law Minister K Shanmugam Sc to stop his brother from carrying out their father, our Lord LKY’s explicit wishes … after demanding 50% above market value for his share. This is called CORRUPTION in other countries.

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