Home News Lexus driver must be blind for parking between two disabled lots

Lexus driver must be blind for parking between two disabled lots




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The driver of a Lexus car (license plate SKK6946T) has drawn the ire of many netizens because he parked his car in-between two lots reserved for persons with disabilities. Netizens who responded to the picture posted in the Facebook of Ridwan Iriawan Seah said that the driver was inconsiderate as his actions would deprive persons with physical disabilities from embarking and disembarking from their vehicles from accessible parking lots.

Some commenters suggested that the driver is disabled himself – that he is probably blind.

Others said that he should get two times the maximum penalty for parking in such lots, as he was occupying two lots. Drivers caught misusing parking spaces for the disabled in public carparks now face heftier fines. Fines for first-time offenders have been quadrupled from $50 to $200 since December 2015.

The law regulating the use of disabled parking lots lacks bite. Rule 29(1) of the Parking Places Act states that no person shall park in any reserved parking lot unless he is authorised by the Superintendent and unless such authorisation is displayed on the vehicle.

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