LETTER: Police refused to arrest assailant who viciously attacked man


The following is a letter by one of our readers, Jimmy Yap

I am very disturbed over a violent incident that took place tonight while I was chilling out with friends at Old Airport Road market.

When I went to the toilet with another friend leaving a guy and lady friend behind, they were suddenly viciously attacked by 2 assailants with bottles and glasses then thrown on the ground and further blows were rained on him as though there are no laws here. Bystanders just stood by petrified, not knowing how to react to the nasty surprise that was unfolding before their very eyes.

To add injury to insult, the assailants threatened witnesses like myself that should we dare to testify against him and his girlfriend in Court, we will be secretly followed by his nephew’s gang of Kallang Airport while at the trial and assaulted 1 by 1 elsewhere.

2Can I ask the government why is this taking place and is it that our criminal justice system is inadequate to deal with situations such as this? I felt that the priority should first be on dealing with criminals instead of political opponents.

In the end, the assailant was not cuffed and his girlfriend got away scot-free while the victim is suffering from profuse bleeding in TTSH (Tan Tock Seng Hospital). I understand from a reporter that he has previous criminal convictions and the law has thus been unable to reform him and continuing to pose a danger to the public at large!

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