Business & Economy Leon Perera steps down from advisory board of TISG

Leon Perera steps down from advisory board of TISG




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Mr Leon Perera will be stepping down from the advisory board of The Independent Singapore (TISG) with immediate effect. He is currently in the process of divesting his shareholding in the company that operates TISG to the other existing share-holders, a process which should be complete in the next month or so.
He was not involved in the operation or management of TISG. Mr Perera has however decided to take this additional step to ensure that any perceived link to TISG does not distract public attention when policy positions are taken by the Workers’ Party, particularly on issues related to media regulation.
He further said that his recent appointment as Deputy Chair of the WP Media team also make this a necessary move.
Mr Perera is one of the founding shareholders of TISG and we accept his resignation with much sadness. We know that wherever he may be, his heart will be in greater media freedom and in the development of independent media space. TISG would like to thank Mr Perera for his contributions towards our publication. We also like to take this opportunity to wish him a great success in his endeavours.

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