Legaltech startup LawGuide Singapore launches bot for Facebook messenger


LawGuide Singapore aims to be a one-stop platform to help the layman understand legal termsLaw Guide Singapore

Singapore-based legaltech startup LawGuide Singapore has a launched a chatbot for the Facebook Messenger.

This chatbot is designed to help the general public understand general legal terms and processes in areas such as criminal law and family law.

The chatbot is fairly rudimentary at this stage; users can only submit their queries by clicking on preset options on the chatbot. The chatbot, however, redirects the user to an operator if they have questions outside its scope.


LawGuide Singapore is a legal information portal launched in 2016 by lawyer Jonathan Wong. It claims to have over 10,000 monthly unique website visitors.

The portal offers “bite-sized and jargon-free” law-related content in various media formats, including infographics, videos and animation. It also has a directory that displays the size, location and cost of over 800 law services across Singapore.

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Currently, LawGuide Singapore covers a range of legal categories, including criminal law, family law, business law and civil litigation.

“No doubt advancements in technology are disrupting traditional methods of delivering legal services, but we don’t think lawyers can be replaced by technology in the near term as there is always a human element involved when dealing with people going through personally challenging and emotional periods,” said Wong, in an official press statement.

“What we see is an opportunity for lawyers and law firms to use digital and media content to reach out to and differentiate themselves to potential clients and a number of law firms have already approached us to help them on this,” he added.

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