Lee Wei Ling calls Lee Hsien Loong “bad PM” and “dishonourable son” attempting to build a “Lee family cult”


In the latest turn of the escalating Oxley Road feud, Dr Lee Wei Ling has taken to Facebook to show Singaporeans “the true face and motives of Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching.”

Re-emphasising her allegations that the Prime Minister and his wife have abused the power of the PMO, Dr Lee called her brother a “bad PM” and marked his wife, Ho Ching, as an “even worse Mrs PM, especially as there is no official position as Mrs PM.”

In her post, Dr Lee revealed that following Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, Lee Hsien Loong allegedly threatened to gazette 38 Oxley Road in anger after Lee Kuan Yew’s will was read to the family. Dr Lee wrote, “This greatly disturbed me. He was willing to go against Papa’s wishes as soon as Papa was gone. He is a dishonourable son.”

Dr Lee also alleged that the Prime Minister and his wife are attempting to “build a ‘Lee family cult.'” She said that Ho Ching attempted to recreate the way the house at Oxley Road looked decades ago under the guise of helping to “sort out Lee family affairs.”

She claimed that Ho Ching misappropriated items from the Oxley house that she then handed over to the National Heritage Board (NHB) and that the NHB had so many items handed over by Ho Ching that they could create a “Lee Kuan Yew Museum.”

Dr Lee charged that in spite of this, after the NHB curated items from the house, they were “subsequently told by PMO to refuse the exhibition simply because we had required that the last paragraph in Papa’s will be simultaneously displayed to remind the public of his desire for 38, Oxley Road to be demolished.”

“Hsien Loong and Ho Ching angered me very early on,” Dr Lee wrote, “Both were not straight and were taking advantage of the fact that no one would dare criticise them for acting improperly.”

Posted by Lee Wei Ling on Friday, 30 June 2017


  1. The PMO will drag this issue for as long as possible. A typical news cycle barely last 2 weeks. They will distract the 70% with other issues such as MRT which in the end they have to solve. Other distractions the government just need to reduce some costs such as reduce electricity tariff, make COE go to record low level, stop issuing or renewing S-pass forcing industry to hire more Singaporeans and better still if they can make mrt run on time, then PMO can do whatever they want with Oxley. The 70% unfortunately behave like well-trained dolphins. You can put them in a small pool (HDB), make them pay highly inflated rent for 99 years giving false impression of ownership, and occasionally giving extra fish such as GST vouchers, maybe reduce electricity/gas/transport for 3 months (while increasing it for the remaining 9 months) and they will forget Oxley.

  2. when given absolute power for anything, should know what’s the outcome result would be a long time ago! even dare posted a finger foto as statement!

  3. @ Ms Lee Wei Ling: Thank you for your refreshing and disarmingly frank honesty. Whilst it is NOT in me to wish bad blood amongst you, Hsien Yang and PM LHL, I’d be explicitly forthright: The Truth will set you free! And, what freedom! The National Interest and Well Being is irreparably compromised by PM LHL and his mob of incompetent dimwits who do NOT know right from wrong! Very sad state of affairs!

  4. LWL FB…李玮玲医生称,李显龙总理曾“生气地威胁”要将李光耀故居列为国家受保护古迹。

  5. Why was HC not reported as theft when took thing out of 38 OXLee house without permission to PMO or is she above the law? LHY and DR LWL should have done to report her to police? Next why HC is paid handsome for wasting Singaporean CPF money in Temasek over a decade when she showed many times a lousy leader in any companies. I believed Dr Lee had say HC craving for power is showed here as example.

  6. Also need transparency why she agreed to the change in the will and thinks well of her younger brother and SF? Maybe some side deals with them?

  7. I applause LWL n LHY for their courage n bravery in showing their open dislike of LHL. They are the true hero in sg besides LKY
    Probably LHL will dish out some desserts .. rebates, voucher, lower amenities .. as u know dessert only has short pleasure … later take back double in raising sch fees, transport fees to appease his wrong doing in damaging sg as a corrupt free ctry.
    The 70% please wake up dun let our cost of living keep rising to feed those million dollars pm n mps

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