Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson backs-up statement on Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching


Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson and Lee Hsien Yang’s son, Li Shengwu, has supported his father and aunt in their feud with his uncle.

Writing in his Facebook, the 32-year-old Shengwu said he generally avoids commenting on Singapore politics, but that this was an exception. He added that in the the last few years, my immediate family has become increasingly worried about the lack of checks on abuse of power.

“The situation is now such that my parents have made plans to relocate to another country, a painful decision that they have not made lightly,” he said.

I generally avoid commenting on Singapore politics, but this is an exception.In the last few years, my immediate…

Posted by Shengwu Li on Tuesday, 13 June 2017

When a friend asked him why the matter was not in the news in Singapore, Shengwu said: “Because the Singapore news is heavily controlled by the government. I’m in a position to know.”


  1. The Lees are now in unhappiness of what we have been promised of many good years ahead…but we now face many unpromising years ahead …without retirement, without peacefulness in lives..unemployment despite our reserves in CPF account that we worked hard to save..

  2. The younger Mr Lee and Ms Lee are the executors of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will. They said in the statement that PM Lee was removed as executor in 2011. Beware.
    The joint statement also said that the younger Mr Lee was leaving Singapore “for the foreseeable future” and “against his desires” because there was a fear that organs of state would be used against him, his wife Mrs Lee Suet Fern, and Ms Lee. Beware?
    Lord Pannick has advised that he disagrees with the AG’s advice, and that section 22 Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 6 of 2017 as it stands is unconstitutional. Beware?
    From unlikely to find someone that can challenge Tan Cheng Bock, to Tan Cheng Bock cannot even be a candidate. Beware?
    From Wee Kim Wee is simply and clearly not an Elected President, period.
    To bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, … Wee Kim Wee … Elected President. Beware?

  3. Something is gravely wrong in the relationship amongst the siblings in the late LKY’s family! A family of Confucian values. What’s private to be resolved & to remain within the Lee family versus what is of public interest is very contentious. All said, the interests of the state of Singapore must be put first & foremost. Such squabbles arising will certainly detract the Prime Minister & his wife from doing their jobs, and will steal away their focus in keeping Singapore on course with progress & the country’s strategic investments safe. Uncertainty ahead for Singapore, that’s for sure.

    • That are the challenging tactics of the ruling party….Any party that
      stand against them with unfriendly remarks…shall packed themselves in overnight or faces legal tussle of defammations..

  4. Is he chipping in to buy sympathy from the people?
    He should realise that his family problem is not confine within his family but affects the lives of the citizens. Choosing to get out of it and live their wealth outside SG is telling the citizens ‘sorry for our shit but you have to suck it up alone…’ So little education has been bred into him and his family.

  5. It’s like in the old imperial days when one son’s family gets rid of the other brother’s family to ensure that there’re no challenges to their authority.

  6. This boy should not be a sore loser. He should blame his own father for not being the ‘favourite’ one to his grandpa. Thus, the throne is now passed to his uncle, and in time to come, to Hongyi.

    And congratulations to you, Hongyi, for you are the chosen one to lead Singapore in the years to come. Obviously, you have better genes than other Ministers, say Shanmugam etc. Remember that to be a successful leader, you have got to be ruthless, heartless and merciless. That is the quality that distinguishes a leader from the ordinary people. Civic on the front but merciless at the back . No amount of kinship and relationship should waver your leadership. If your uncle, aunty, brother and sister tries to oppose and go against you, get rid of them. Remember that the VX agent is on your side. Take a leaf from the North .

  7. The Oracle has spoken. And a comment from the grandson of LKY, nephew of the PM, is a nail-packed incendiary device that has blown up in a single direction. IMO, I feel this carries more weight and is more damning than the combined comments of HY & WL.

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