Lee Kuan Yew’s younger son releases lawyer letters raising questions of abuse of authority by PM


In the ongoing bitter spat between the children of Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Lee Hsien Yang has released a lawyer letter, raising questions if his brother had abused his position as Prime Minister in the matters relating to the house at Oxley Road.

Lee Hsien Loong's personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, wrote to us on 12 June 2015 to demand the NHB Deed of Gift. Only hours…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Monday, 19 June 2017

The letter released was from Mr Lucien Wong, who is now the Attorney-General. Mr Wong was then acting as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer.

Mr Wong acting for PM Lee questioned the Lees’ Deed of Gift made in favour of National Heritage Board (NHB). Mr Lee said that Mr Wong had on 12 June 2015, written to the siblings of PM Lee demanding the NHB Deed of Gift, but that he wrote another letter hours later on the same date saying: “our client has since received a copy of the Deed of Gift dated 8 June 2015 from NHB.”

The letter from Mr wong questioned the restrictions Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling placed on NHB for displaying the items and furnitures from 38 Oxley Road. They required NHB to mention Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s demolition wish when displaying the items given from his house. According to Mr Lee, PM Lee objected to this.

Questioning if PM Lee obtained the Deed Gift in his public or personal capacity, Mr Lee said: “Did LHL (Lee Hsien Loong) acquire the Deed of Gift in his public capacity, or his private capacity? If in his public capacity, to use this in his personal legal disputes is a clear abuse of authority. If in his private capacity, how can other private citizens go about acquiring confidential deeds of gift from the NHB?”


  1. This is the meaty part of the whole saga, not that historically symbolic house but actually the possible abuse of power and position in governing bodies which is of national interest!

  2. The old emperor was busy fixing everyone else all his life, forgot to fix his own children ! The two younger siblings must had it so raw that they finally decided to take a stand, knowing they’re up against the whole state apparatus. As more secrets tumble, the more it seems the younger siblings are justified !

  3. Though these abuses in power and position have long been practiced but it’s good that today it has been exposed at an unprecedented level. LHY has forced everything into the open now so public will find it hard to ignore. People have been living in denial of what went on for too long. Now it’s in your face, all supported in black and white. Given his family lineage and social standing it also lends credit to his case in that a commoner who can be painted black by those in power.

  4. Abuse of power has been on going since independent. This is nothing new. The new thing is, it is coming from horse mouth. ISD’s detention without trail and The former AGC’s determination on the 200m rule on the election day is already a very good example.

  5. Don’t they have an elder uncle who can talk to all these brats to sort their shit out in private?
    Bad enough these same people rub our faces in it coz our kids are not as scholarly as theirs and this is how they behave? In public??
    In normal society, the deliberations of a judge will put to bed this storm in a teacup. But here, it appears the Law has no jurisdiction.
    All of you, see me tomorrow, 3pm. Bring your own biscuits.

  6. 哎呀!滥权就对啦!!!以公或以私都不对!!!!他的幼弟还真会评判!!!厉害过贵为总理的大哥!!!换作李显扬当总理才对!!!李显龙真差劲!!!乱乱事情!!!确实是没料的!!!不机智!!!和他老爸相比还差远的!!!Aiya…Abuse power lah!!!If as his pm position or as private personal position also not do right thing!!!!Lhl little bro still knew to do correct judgement!!!Brilliant than his old bro…better change lhy be president!!!!Lhl is lousy…anyhow doing!!!Really is no any steady…not clever!!!Still cant same with his dad!!!https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1376141505805624&id=100002293637752

  7. I agree lwl saying that it is not just simple family dispute…I understand her mean..i also same though as her!!!She mean that it is have political motive planning!!!Lwl and lhy is truth saying..they are worries that lhl have political motive would want to continous lee dynasty so that why he disagree to demolish that old house!!!Still saying to made it as musmum…and is a important building…for memoriable place for family as hiding his politicial motive reason!!!Becos he know that without dad name on him…he unable to stay on his pm role and win election!!!So he want to remain these histories building!!!https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=424344231284769&id=100011275873986

  8. Wasn’t it in practices since Long ago? Now then realised? Even just a head of Hospital (of KKH & SGH prof Foo) did the same using their power to cover up their opt mistake in 1989
    Not surprising if there is any abused of power in SG this is so common…

  9. When abuse is applied to one’s own kin it is similar to self-abuse. There is no worse form of abuse than self-abuse. The purpetrater is also the victim. No win situation.

  10. We tendd to comment too soon. If there are grounds of unhappiness here, there is always another land, but can the new land give you what we were given for the past decades. Lets move together to have a much better tomorrow.

    2. It has NOT BEEN ACQUIRED by
    the government through a
    3. It has NOT BEEN DONATED
    to the government.

    As such, any ISSUE concerning THE HOUSE is PRIVATE MATTER.

    As such the Government has nothing to do with it and setting up a governmental council of ONLY ONE PARTY, funded from the PUBLIC COFFER is out of the purvey of the STATE.
    Majulah Singapura.

  12. Every family has its own saga. Especially when parents pass on and leave wealth behind. Siblings fight to get bigger/more from the inheritance with their own view and story this is no exception. As outsider we shouldn’t interfere or take side without knowing the whole truth.
    There will be people who take this opportunity to attack PM.
    My question is what if PM is truthful in whatever he said and done for/towards this matter and to his siblings…. then we who judge/accuse him has wrong him.
    So my advise is let the siblings settle this themselves and we don’t interfere.

  13. If LHL had decided to sell his shares to LHY, than why still set-up a secret ministerial committee to decide on the fate of 38 Oxley Road…if this is not fixing LHY and abuse of power, what is?

  14. 2 eat honey strawberries popcorn n bye bye forgetting ROOTS wah Lau a so selfish and no sensor of shame to their papa. Lucky supreme god will decided Wat to do already. Hahaha bad luck to u2

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