Lee Kuan Yew turning in his grave – Yen Makabenta


A Filipino columnist for the Manila Times wrote that Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), the redoubtable Singaporean leader who had a penchant to hector other leaders and lecture the West about Asian values, must be turning in his grave.

He said while his – that is LKY – country is still up in the charts for sheer performance, the family he has left behind is being torn apart by a family feud.

“His political dynasty may not be as cohesive or admirable as everyone supposed.

“In my view, what the dispute really hurts is his father’s sanctimony. He does not look holier than other people now,” he wrote.

He said LKY poked his nose into the business of others, and tried to tell them what to do.

“He made it official policy for Singapore to sue opposition politicians and journalists who criticised him and his government with expensive lawsuits in his homecourt, in order to drive them to bankruptcy or to submission.

“If Lee Hsien Loong sues his siblings to accomplish the same objective, he will drive Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy to disrepute and ridicule,” he said.


    • It is relevant… our country needs fixing. Time to reflect and repent for real . We need to improve our general knowledge too. The PH are getting better and so are many other countries. We are simply too blinded by that. We are the only ones stagnant. We continue that way. It wont be long we become the third world country. Mockery always comes for a reason . We have to stop behaving like pappies. Instead of deflecting these comments , reflect.

  1. Better look at your own country first before commenting my country. There won’t be many Filipinos here if your country is so good. His Son misdeed doesn’t mean his dad’s doing. Without LKY and the support of singaporean without Singapore today.

    • Pro government supporters also jibe Pilippines president when he was elected. Then why some haolian Singaporeans cannot accept the fact that you dare to say people why cannot accept that letting people commenting back on you.

      If LHL as PM can control his family well be a good brother be a good leader. Then today there will not be such laughing stocks out. Whose fault? The whole world might be laughing so pro government supporters are going to go against the world?

    • Howe Peek Did I even mention Ang moh or other nationality commenting? Pinpointing to this News trend and comment you idiot….. look who is the racist here. Please try to polish your understanding and interpretation capability before commenting negatively here you idiot. Don’t tell me you are foreigner here lol

    • Karlson Yap Guorong bro commenting on politics on each individual country is a norm. But commenting on our LKY contribution bec of his Son wrongdoing is a No No. understand?

    • Its good to know the views and comments of the foreign media and review these objectively. Besides we also get to know how our national issues are being promulgated in other countries.

    • My dear Singaporeans. It is not just the Phillipines that are improving. Many countries are moving ahead of us. China is way ahead of us. India, Thailand is stepping up. We are the only country that is not moving. We really deserve being mocked at this time . It is really embarassing. The use of government resources and money for a rich family dispute other than pressing issues like terrorism, housing, healthcare is also embarrassing and destructive towards our forefather’s legacy. We are way too complacent. When other countries laugh, mock us, it is time to check ourselves and humbly ask ourselve why. Then change instead defending our actions or pick at other countries’ shortcomings. It is only then we can hope for a better future.

    • Gene Tan this Manila Times is written by Mickey Mouse Goofy dog qualified reporters. Timing of this jibe is make Their Independence Day look good and us looking pathetic.
      Marawi hostage not yet resolved , their Smokey Mountain pile of debris is the REAL Laughing Stock. Even Pinoys hate Smokey Mountain and treated its inhabitants like 4th Class filth
      Oh one more Good thing that has emerged is Duterte’s ordered killing of drug pushers/warlords that has gone haywire . Manila is like Mega City One from Judge Dredd Comics

    • also, LKY gave his opinions of other countries governance, but they can choose to disregard what he said.
      US leaders had first asked for his opinion before he put forth his words, not like an itchy mouth Goofy dog reporter from Manila Times

  2. Hey! The whole world is laughing at this government of Singapore. Why can’t the Phillipines join in, after all everybody else in the world is in on this comedy show.

    • Raymond Loke that’s why your life is filled with misery. Laughter is the best medicine that keeps stress away and depression too. You should try it sometime. It helps you to carry on in life.

    • Daniel Kam agree with u. Manila city CAN’T even take care of their own Smokey Mountain growing pile of Rubbish slum. Until The Punisher Duterte took over, that place was a haven for drug pushers and prostitutes.
      I was at Smokey M and it looked 2X Worse than the one at Mumbai. At least Mumbai city authorities had taken the effort to clean up their backyard

  3. Every country that was ‘bullied’ by lky will now have the opportunity to take a swipe at his offspring. China has started the ball rolling so Manila is merely flowing. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Yes I feel grieved to see other countries putting Singapore in the right places, but if Singaporeans, as a country, has no backbone to come forth and make good, the damage done by lhl, I see those comments supporting our course.

  4. I still believe in Singapore now and what Mr. LKY did for Singapore. Only one person like him comes in a lifetime. Be grateful Singaporeans.
    This problem will pass.❤

  5. Dont blame LKY. He gave his whole life to Singapore to where we are at today. Let him rest in peace although we wished this saga did not happen. LHL is his own man. If he had listened to his father maybe this wouldn’t have happened. So put the blame on tne right person.

  6. Nothing wrong with LKY please don’t mention LKY name again , whether good or bad he did his best balance it good more than bad , no other country can give every citizen a home listen every citizen whether Chinese, Malay, India or other all have own home

  7. When the Pinoy can poke fun at Singapore, u know how far down the slippery road Singapore has fallen in national reputation n global image.

  8. If there is no lky I guess we will have peace full live no rushing like mad. We have house landed house. No worry. We live to our own life no like slave 24×7

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