Lee Kuan Yew – Do You Miss Him? : A Poll


By: Obbana Rajah

As today marks the 3rd death anniversary of Singapore’s founding father, we took a poll amongst Singaporeans to find out if they still miss this prominent figure.

Out of the 50 people asked, a whopping 43 said that they do indeed miss this founding father.

Those polled ranged in age from 15 to 78, and there seemed to be an overall consensus.

One said, “Parliamentary speeches just aren’t the same without him”.

Another also expressed rather succinctly, “Yes, very much”.

Someone from the pioneer generation smiled and fondly added, “Yes, of course I miss Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He was a wonderful man who did many things for this country”.

However, one commenter, who wished to be anonymous explained, “I’m not in the generation that feels really impacted by him. Myself and those in my age-group might be part of a spoilt generation so we have taken both him and all his accomplishments for granted”.

Most do miss him dearly.

Do you?

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  1. under his rule, though authoritarian, we had a good life, no foreign shit here to take advantage of us. But under the bloody bapok cuckoo, we are fast degenerating into manchurian days and are now the new 东亚病夫。

  2. I was born in 1946.
    I worked as a seaman from 1969 until 1985 and thus had been round the world. It amazes me how Singapore had transformed over these years during my lifespan. What I had seen/experienced in 1st worlds during the 70’s (not seen in Singapore then), now I seen and experience and enjoy them in Singapore. I used to enjoyed walking along the river banks in UK and in Germany. Now I can enjoy them along the the national parks along the river banks in Singapore.
    I left school after Sec 2, never dare to imagine that now I live a very much more comfortable life than my parents.
    I have much thank God for giving Singapore a wise leader who done so much for Singapore.

    • Many things still work smoothly today. Because LKY made the organisations into key Institutions. Take CPF. Served us well. We have our homes. They are clean/maintain. It is on the shoulders of the present ministers as to how we move forward. Sometimes, even simple things they fail. Again, CPF. Once, retirement scheme had 18 options. No citizen bother. Today, they tweak and tweak CPF. Trip over their policies. Short sighted. (Am also a pioneer.)

  3. Since the 2nd world war, more than 100 countries had gone independent,
    Singapore is among one of those very few countries that had done well.
    The vast majority of those countries had gone a lot worst as compared to when they were ruled by their colony power.

  4. Lucky he died. If not he would have made himself like Xi Jin Pin, permanent leader for life. I will remember him till death for living behind a failing system. Samuel Huntington seems to have guessed well. The system he created won’t bring success after his departure.

  5. Singapore’s success is partially due to his effort, that I acknowledge.

    BUT the state that Singapore is in now is entirely down to him, the politicking of every civil service and even in education, the unfair political system, the appointment of cronies to all Ministries and Stat Board, the elitism mindset that he championed and ultimately the appointment of his useless son as PM.

    So do i miss him?

  6. Without LKY Singapore Cannot become FIRST World from Third World LKY is the Only Person knows the Future of Singapore Well Just look around the World Singapore is Well Known Worldwide otherwise Singapore is in RPC island We Singaporean Must remember late LKY otherwise Sinapore is Under delevlop Country

  7. You can disagree with his many unpopular policies, but you have to agree that he and his team really dedicated their lives for the good of Singapore. Not so for the present government not even during GCT time. Where are we at the world stage without LKY? Btw, I am not a supporter of PAP, I just happened to live long enough to have gone through those changing times in the early 60s. I like many do not agree with many of his past policies, but I respect his dedication and genuine love of the country and
    its citizens. I do miss him.

  8. I miss Founding father LKY & HIS TEAM of righteous brilliant leaders WHO put their multi-racial citizens highly ABOVE ANY OUTSIDER OR INTRUDER population & highly above their own personal interests & monetary gains – keeping our HOMES, TRANSPORT, BREAD & BUTTER, TRANSPORT & MEDICAL etc. very very low & affordable for ALL – and sincerely served our NATION with INTEGRITY, EQUALITY & JUSTICE with just a handful of ably qualified & compassionate LEADERS – who sacrificed their comforts, sleep & luxuries and worked terribly very hard through confronting hardship to transform – A THEN swampy slum Singapore to glamorously outshine as a great magnificent clean “CLEAN GREEN GARDEN CITY & A PEACEFUL SUNNY ISLAND – that attracted millions & millions of tourists globally non-stop & boosted our HOTEL INDUSTRY to flourish full-house especially at ORCHARD ROAD – NOW this same SINGAPORE is wrecked & doomed with an unwanted CHAOTIC INTRUDER POPULATION from the 3rd world country slums – who have no business to leave their own motherland to become A TROUBLE-MAKER AS NEW CITIZENS to world-class highly-educated & highly civilised SINGAPORE SINGAPOREANS, period !

  9. Yes I certainly miss him and the Pioneer generation of political leaders.The may be mean and tough BUT they deliver. This generation of leaders are mean, arrogant, self serving and delivers only hardships and misery to its citizens. Could it be that they had it too good and easy?????

  10. Stupid idiots voted Yes ain’t aware that the foundation of present suffering was built by him.

    This poll is asking do you miss LKY not do you miss the old PAP. Basically this proved majority of Singaporean are idiots. 70% to exact.

  11. One thing I like him because he made English, medium language for all the 3 differnt ethic race to speak & write and that is why many Sporeans can speak & write good English which is also an international language as well. Thank-u so much so much LKY AND RIP.

  12. A great leader with guts and vision. He is definitely missed. He did what he promised so it’s natural that the world respects him even though some may criticize him. My only regret is I never had an opportunity to personally thank him when he did his walk-about in Cheng San.

  13. With the people you think he can be somebody, now even worst under his son all is thinking about own family and the Ruling pet the worst is the Full Time Main Caregiver have to work as Slave and even 2 Cents from the Senior, what are your opinion ???

  14. LKY left a sore legacy which is to peg Ministers’ salaries to the top 10% of the high earners. Now this salary scale is cast in stone and to be paid to ministers whether they performed or not. SG is the only tiny country that pay millions to ministers and dumbed president.Thks to LKY.

  15. The present leadership wants to keep his spirit alive but they don’t seem to be working right. The current leadership was to cash on LKY legacy in order that they be re voted back into parliament. Now time has shown the PAP of the 1st generation will never be and can never be repeated. What you get today is just left overs of dog shit.

  16. No. But quite a delight to see that a broad spectrum of Singaporeans are using the unrealistic legend he had constructed for himself to measure against his son and the 4th generation leaders.

    He made himself such a big figure that he made it hard for his successors to live up to him. If it means that more Singaporeans can see that the new leaders are a disappointing lot and we should try to see leadership elsewhere, it’s a positive phenomenon.

    However, it’s far more important that we see that alternate leadership for Singapore is needed. We should eventually move past the superhuman image Lee constructed for himself and objectively and maturely assess our leaders based on their own merits or shortcomings. Only then can we possibly move pass one-party or one-man rule into a stronger and more resilient citizenry and polity.

  17. resent1
    For sure, LKY is missed by me & many in the world, esp China and the intellectuals.

    Im very proud of LKY, and what he make Spore to be world most admired country. You guys just need to travel out will find the different with other hundreds of shithole countries, don’t be perfectionist to pick every imperfection of Spore.

    Today Spore is what it is, a Top prosperous clean & safe Country well respected in the world, is not without reason. LKY is indeed the main cause, as he himself is such an extraordinary capable strong leader, he could attract and utilize talents like genius Goh Keng Swee(who become China Special Advisor), Rajaratnam, Ong Teng Cheong, etc.

    A weak leader of little credential like LHL will purge whoever better than him, and attract similar clowns which formed our cabinet ministers now.

    There are very few leaders that the world look up to, to take their advice earnestly, and admired deeply for his vision & capability. LKY is one that make it, besides China Deng Xiao Peng who also seek LKY advise. As US Kissinger said: “LKY is the most prominent leader that all US Presidents, their emeritus politicians & congressmen earnestly seek his audience & advice. LKY visit to US is automatically a national event for their leaders.” No else hold such sway so far.

    In many high intellectual forums debating by those Emeritus scholars & scientists, they frequently quoted LKY when come to policy & leadership. The only Sporean the world still quoting even after his death.

    LKY is 90% good, 10% bad. Good for all his exceptional vision & passion, commitment to make Spore from poor 3rd world to the best first world within single generation. Bad for his lemon squeezing policy going all out for last drop of tax on people, which PAP follow blindly till now, making life for bottom 20% quite unbearable.

    And the worst thing he did was, Nepotism, to make his dishonored useless son to become PM, destroying all his own legacy and beautiful country he carefully nurtured till his last year of life.

    LKY must be spinning in his grave now to know how LHL is destroying the country. But for his love of his son & Lee Dynasty, he reneged his vow of never allow casino over his dead body, so he hypocritely supported LHL evil idea of building 2 casinos by brute force, denying people from referendum.

    This casino evils is now destroying Spore society, many are indulging in gambling, corruption cases skyrocketed, destroying many Spore & foreign family, many are said to have committed suicide in casino toilet unreported.

    Creating such bad kamma, LHL has caused Spore downfall, his own bad health and disgraceful reputation. No Sporean like him & his jinx wife. He simply wasted his good life as a failed PM, so much dislike by every Sporean except his cohorts & gangs. Even his own siblings runaway from him. One that don’t even honor his own father last wish, trying to harm own kins & family, he can’t be of any good nature.

  18. I respect Gandhi ..i respect Mandela …i respect Aung San Suu Kyi …i respect Xi Jing Ping, I respect Bruce Lee……Is different from i respect Li Ka Shin , Bill Gates Jake Mah, Robert Kwok etc and Lee. Running an enterprise is different from running a ministry or a country. One runs with profits, benefits, a target, a goal and the other runs with a heart for the people.
    One love money use people and the other Use money Love people.

  19. Not really, he was already behind the curtain for a good decade before his departure from the land. But I know one pinkie who is still missing him sorely for being unable to carry his altar wherever and whenever opportunities arise due to some unexplainable backlash………