Lee Hsien Yang raises serious questions about Ho Ching after NHB’s clarifications


PM Lee’s younger brother Mr Lee Hsien Yang yesterday (22 June) accused the Prime Minister’s wife, Ho Ching, of overstepping her role and acting as a contact for the Prime Minister’s Office in lending items that belonged to Lee Kuan Yew to the National Heritage Board.

LKY was admitted gravely ill into the ICU on 5 February 2015. The next day, Ho Ching helped herself to a number of LKY'…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Thursday, 22 June 2017

Mr Lee said that Madam Ho Ching helped herself to a number of Lee Kuan Yew’s papers on 5 Feb 2015, when his father was admitted gravely ill into the ICU. He said that it is “deeply troubling that someone can represent the PMO despite holding no official position.”

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) later pointed out to us that Madam Ho Ching may have been on an official trip on 6 Feb. The National Heritage Board (NHB) also came out to clarify that the items were loaned to NHB after the Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away, to be displayed at an exhibition held at the National Museum of Singapore. The dates in the document shared by Mr Lee were “clerical errors” NHB said.

Responding to CNA’s report and NHB’s clarification, Mr Lee said, “this is even more troubling.”

He added: “By (Lee Kuan Yew) LKY’s will, the estate’s residual items, such as personal documents, fall under the absolute discretion of the executors Wei Ling and myself. Unapproved removal of these items, even by a beneficiary, constitutes both theft and intermeddling. Ho Ching is not an executor or a beneficiary to our father’s estate.”

Mr Lee asked how Madam Ho Ching is a proper contact representative for the Prime Minister’s Office.

The NHB has just clarified that the items were collected on the 6th of April 2015, after our father passed away, and…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Thursday, 22 June 2017


  1. The Will was read on 12 April. Then who knows who were executors? Moreover the items were Official PMO items in his office? Those were not not his estate!

  2. This sounds more like a scandal than a Famlee dispute ,the Siblings are ready for a battle at any time ,one scandal in Malaysia was just over regarding IMDB that the PM misused his powers but he was wise to solve this problem despite all the protests and the strong rival that took place ,what goes around ..comes around ,its just fate.

  3. Ah Yang make double sure you and your sister ah Ling must wack them hard than this saga will b recorded in History or both of you n your family will hav No Tomorrow, you will b living in Fear for the rest of your life ! Remember be Firm No Turing Back you hav our Supports

  4. I am sure their parents would have taught (Hsien Loong n Ho Ching) since young that taking any thing or idea from anyone especially siblings, is theft or a very dishonest act and punishable by caning or withdrawal of privileges. This saga clearly demonstrates that our leadership preaches differently from how they act (behind the scene). I now wonder how truthful or transparent are the facts or statistics disclosed publicly by our ministers or civil service. Very disappointed!

  5. First LHY alleged that LHL abused his power by setting up a 4 Minister secret Committee n also lied to Parliament. Now that HC is allegedly stealing n intermeddling.

  6. LHY desperately and spitefully hurls allegations one after another, scrounging for whatever ‘evidence’ he can lay his hands on,

    In pushing for the demolition of 38 Oxley, he has already started demolition of the following:
    1. LKY’s legacy
    2. his brother’s legitimate statesmentship
    3. Singapore’s good global reputation
    4. extended family relationships
    5. his own integrity/credibility
    6. ….and much more..

    Has he exhibited any elements of humility, brotherly love, patriotism for his nation , honor for LKY’s international repute or respect for Singaporeans ?

    Only a wilful, prideful and self-seeking man will lose sight of the family values and country’s greater good to satisfy his own ego.

  7. 何晶应该由总理去干这事!!!不是她插手去干!!!自做主张!!!看看李光耀夫人有插手国家的事吗?正如李伟玲说的何晶要向她老妈子学习如何当总理夫人耶!!!!Pm lee wife is also not a captablities woman!!!Depend pm husband!!!She should not be GIC chairman last time!!!!Lost $ under her!Only cause country lost $ not earn $!!!Becos she think she is pm wife so anything she want to do also can!!!!Really is different with late lky wife…lky wife no involve any national matter…let late lky to manage…she no involved..As lwl saying ho ching should learn how to be pm wife!!!https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1062478717217316&id=651238215008037

    • 看来何晶并没从老夫人那学到做人媳妇的品德。


  8. Don’t tell me HC followed Chinese traditional custom that she being the wife of the elder son in FamiLee could act as “Mother” when her mother-in-law is no longer alive OR just simply abusing of power? Based on what was exposed, it is highly likely be the latter.

  9. this shows clearly shows that they consider themselves (pinkie and monkey finger) are above the law. if this is not considered abuse of power then we are in deep shit. and now we really know why pinkie was labelled as dishonorable son by his siblings. this couple is the very reason why spore is going down hill.

  10. Singaporeans need to know who is HO and how she got married into the LEE family. She is not power greedy to pull government service to temasek and make it profitable to her family

  11. Why Loosing Heavily in Temasek holding no parliament committee hearing. Lee Family feud parliament committee hearing. Be fair since so many posting about losses in Temasek no Ministers have come forward to call for committee hearing and let the public knows whether true or false news. Looks like the Lees are paying their salaries. Lee’s are more important than the citizen’s who put them there. Now parliament have become a jester’s court.

  12. Wahhhh …. she’s ur wife and you pushed her into the hot oil just so you can be cleared from all the accusations/wrongdoings


    I have never voted for him or his cronies and …

  13. Aiyo Ah Yang ,
    All you say may be true but you forgotten that the epic of history had it that the empress dowager can do anything to anyone , even to call for execution of one and nine generation related kins!! What is an act of stealing that one may wonder about ……?

  14. Why is an ex-Malaysian, Ho Ching, allowed to wield so much power in Singapore? With profound fear, I wonder how much of Singapore is directly or indirectly controlled by this Malaysian native?

  15. 何晶自做主张!!!你可以通知李显扬伟玲姐弟,你不要触碰那些文件和物品。你难道不知道他们是遗嘱执行人吗?遗嘱执行人不是你,干嘛多手碰李光耀的遗物!!!不要再狡辩了,把她逮捕起来!Ho ching!!!You anyhow made ur own decision!!!You can inform lhy and lwl bro & sis,but u dont touch those things!!!U dont know that they are the person who been allow to handle those lky left things?You are not the person who can touch?You are not the person which lkl is allow to touch!!!ltcy hand to touch lky tungs!!!Dont strongy deny..Arrested her now!!!!

  16. Ho Chin should keep out of this as it now involves the govt. unless she wants to proof she has something to do with govt matters without a appointed govt position. Lol.

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