Lee Hsien Yang: Court of Appeal vindicates our belief that Shengwu has raised serious issues

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The Singapore Court of Appeal yesterday reversed a decision of the High Court and allowed Li Shengwu to appeal against the AGC serving court documents on him on Harvard’s campus.

Li’s father, Lee Hsien Yang, said in Facebook that this was “a departure from usual practice, his case was heard in open court and by a full 3 judge panel.”

He added: “The decision of the Court of Appeal vindicates our belief that Shengwu has raised serious issues that need proper consideration.

“The Court of Appeal will have the opportunity in open court to consider – for the first time – whether Singapore courts have jurisdiction outside the country in the circumstances of his case.”

Mr Lee yesterday said in Facebook that,  “the prosecution of (Li) Shengwu by the AGC for a private Facebook post, shared only with his friends, is continuing.”

AGC continues prosecution of Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson

In asking why the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) is continuing its prosecution of his son for contempt of court, but appears not to have gone after international media and others for “much stronger criticism” of Singapore’s courts, Me Lee added:

“In the meantime, much stronger criticism of Singapore courts has recently been published in some international media and widely shared public posts. AGC appears not to have commenced committal proceedings against the media and others, whilst nonetheless continuing this action against Shengwu for his private communications.”

Mr Lee’s post from yesterday is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.