Lax security: “Migrant workers sneaked into condo to do car wash”

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By Laura Zhang

Several foreign-looking outsiders routinely visit the apartments at about 9pm for car washing services, according to a witness at the Sanctuary Green Condominium located near the Sports Hub.

“The security guard granted them regular passes labelled CW1, CW2. ‘CW’ stands for car washing,” said the witness.

Spurred by a sneaking suspicion, the witness requested the security people to provide the car washers’ identities.

“They are Bangladeshi construction workers…The management chooses to employ them as illegal part-timers to earn extra allowance.”

He then emailed Ministry of Manpower (MOM), only to be met with silence after few exchanges of emails.

Frustrated, he spoke to TISG about the matter.

“It’s a security concern. Residents are paying for their security. How can the management of the condominium be lax just because they want to save budget?”

Bearing in mind the recent rape incident(MacRitchie Reservoir incident link) on the rise, he expressed concern that women might easily become the target at night, especially when car washing services take place right at the basement of the apartments.

The witness has then sent evidences to The Independent (TISG), such as pictures of identities, name of company they belong to, name of person-in-charge of the management, Emails from MOM, which are to be kept confidential unless requested by MOM.

He urges Singaporeans to be more vigilant when similar cases happen around.

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  1. What’s new . They even do HDB carparks and some even get free water …. just can’t help feeling that foreigners are given a more lenient set of laws !

  2. The Bangladeshi guys in Chai Chee HDB estate, where i live, wash countless cars for God knows how long now. Nobody has been raped here or for that matter in any other HDB estate in Singapore and there is no security in HDB estates provided. Please quit with your cry father tactics. Private estate condo resident so what?

  3. MC is the responsible party to manage this. However just as you get neighbours from hell, you can get management council, comprising of residents, from hell too.

  4. why not… as long as it is not illegal. They are just working for extra money. If not, shall the management employ SINGAPOREAN to wash ? SMLJ also want to complaint… go stay landed property lol…

    • Exactly my thoughts. They are providing a service to clean your cars thats all. Without them you gotta que long long at the car wash or wash your own car right ?

  5. Lax in security? The security had changed passes for them and aware of their purpose of coming in …even the car owners (residents) were aware.. so the complaint is about? ….
    Suddenly it linked to a rape incident that happened 2 yrs ago…. I meant if the condo resident was so concerned about safety and by using MacRitchie Reservoir incident as an example, did he or she write in to Nparks or Police and enquire about what security measures they had taken after the incident. With due respect, was he/she also implying that those Park rangers and armed police officers were lax in their jobs or patrols..
    Singapore still has seletar reservoir, bedok reservoir… Singapore river… kallang river… ecp beach..toilets.. also very quiet… did this “concerned” condo resident or citizen follow up these places with the authorities after the MacRitchie incident?

    Should we blame or link all crimes to all these foreign workers? Did any resident refused their entry to the condo or perhaps u are the only one? Did you feedback to the management about this matter? Coz you dun represent everyone in the your estate… think twice again..just my personal view

  6. Whoevwr this piece of trash is…..please take note that the workers did not sneak in it was allowed by the security guards with the permission of the Condo mgt. And also the particular owners in the condo gave permission for their cars to be washed…..if not how come these workers come and wash……

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