Lawyer M. Ravi is back, humbled and apologetic



We caught up with M Ravi on three occasions since 29th of August 2017 to see how he is faring. He is more muted and back to his senses much like how he was before his last bipolar relapse.

He said that he is traumatised by the entire episode and very remorseful for what transpired between him and Lawyer Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss. Ravi said that he has sent his apologies to Ms. Chong and asked some of his friends to setup a private meeting with Jeannette so that he can say sorry in person.

Ravi also told The Independent that he is on a strict medical regime for the next two years and he is determined not to let his bipolar condition get the better of him.

I’m a God-fearing man, I value life and I’m willing to fight for a worthy cause,” when asked about why he was doing so many pro-bono cases and mounting umpteen constitutional cases.

M. Ravi fighting for animal rights

“I’m disappointed about how the alternate media has portrayed me and these are the guys that I have supported throughout my career with money, legal advice and articles. And when my chips are down, they turned against me,” he said. “Now, I know who my true friends are.”

With tears welling up in his eyes, “there is a silver lining in all this – Singaporeans have a big heart and I like to thank them for their support, love and understanding – this is a forgiving society – I love them all,” he said.

When posed with the question of what’s next, he said that he needs to settle some things first and he is going to focus his efforts on building his practice on International Arbitration. I don’t need a practising certificate to do this, he said.

M. Ravi said that he is off social media for the time being but he is contactable through his Facebook Messenger and Email at


  1. Right medicine helps. Psycho counselling will help too. Meditation, sports, emptying your heart to the right persons – all these will rehabilitate you. You are basically a good person and should have an accomplished stable spiritual life ahead of you.

  2. M. Ravi, glad to know that you are back. You have my support! There are many people who care for you and who hope that you will concentrate on your work and yes, earn some income first. All the best to the International Arbitration practice that you are developing!

  3. Ravi Sir

    Speaking of Martin Lurher King , we have a replica which is You . Fight for the Poor and Downtrodden ones .

    Those whom cherish the Good deeds you have sacrificed for many by voicing out which many dont have that Guts to do but only have Guts to Attack you.

    Hope you will resume your Law practice soon and continue to be the Peoples Voice

    Your Good deeds will be recognised by God even the Human law don’t

    You are a Gem which many don’t see it

  4. I know Ravi personnally, he is a Gem of a person.

    It takes a lot of courage to forgive someone…but it takes an even bigger courage to ask for forgiveness!

    Ravi is truly a great soul.

  5. I dont know him. I shouldnt judge him. But! A gentlemen never lay his hand on a women and with force. Period. He should just quit working, quit politics, and travel to enjoy life. Sg is done for.

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