Lawyer M Ravi Arrested


Prominent Human Rights Lawyer, Mr M Ravi was arrested earlier today for criminal trespassing. We do not have full details at the moment as it is a developing story.

M. Ravi was suspended for two years since Oct 2016 for by a Court of Three Judges for his mental condition for acting “deplorably in relation to the judiciary, his clients and the profession as a whole.”

He recently posted several Facebook Live videos and has amassed a following of 20,000 fans. In his videos, he spoke disparagingly of his former boss, colleagues and ministers.

Several Facebook commentators said that Mr M Ravi was going through a severe relapse of bipolar.

Below is a live video posted just before his arrest:



    • Laurence Raj : The PAP law applies. And, the PAP judges and even Police decide. This is a CRIMINAL organisation and NOT a bona fide government! Remember Minister Shanmugam and his Sub Judice talk? He can comment on cases being investigated or heard by the courts. But, we cant! Shanmugam shot himself in the head! He ACTUALLY confirmed that the Singapore Judiciary is NOT independent! Idiot!

  1. I saw a video clip of him bullying two policemen the other day! He was really aggressive but this time round the law enforcer come prepared and he seem to hv no choice but to accept the arrest!!! Lol!

  2. l hahahahaha….. his tactic is just questioning the police and before they can answer he interrupt them with another question and keep on doing it to distract and confuse the police…..and all the police that attend to him are customer service orientated and super friendly hahahahaha…. this police should work as help desk support or customer service

  3. Legally trained, but his Bipolar condition hampers his work. Young Cops may have no choice but to be patient, but when the AG gives the go ahead, he knows he’s going to be hauled in. Sad

    • Daniel Ong So time to let your voting speak … unfortunately in a “Democracy”, majority decides. So don’t hold your breath … Singaporeans are still conservative & creatures of habit.

  4. As long as it is not murder, arson or drug trafficking. One would not go to jailed or hang to death. Criminal trespassing in terms in trespass a areas either by destroying a lock, or by cutting through the fence, or by digging a hole to get into other side of premises. Eg.. A salesman asking the house owner whether he could enter his home to do demonstrations on his products. After the demonstrations, the owner of the house feel that he is intimidate to do the purchase, he then ask the salesman to leave his home immediately and if the salesman refused, he can be charged for trespassing. Don’t worry, he is a season lawyer and he knows how to defend himself.

  5. Try to put a fast one again, he just pretending to be bipolar, human right lawyer, fight for opposition to death penalty, leeches on Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui for free publicity.

  6. It’s not very respectful to address someone qualified like him as lunatic. Bipolar can cause periods of depression and elevated mood. He is a decent man but need help n support. He has many supporters who see him as a hero n hopefully he will be released soon n get some help. No one is perfect!

    • Yes, Prema. I agree with you 100%. State TERRORISM is a real and present danger in Singapore even in this Year 2017! However, we can BEAT this corrupt PAP government who even controls the judiciary! Implicitly or explicitly. It will be hard for them to Admit The Truth! Good money, position and all you’ve to do is to be the lackey of the dishonourable son or his ministers. Democracy is a LIE in Singapore. We are governed under a Dictatorship! If PM LHL or his ministers do the things they do in the UK or Australia they will be mercilessly condemned and thrown out of office. In Singapore it is still ‘We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think’. Change We Must! Otherwise Singapore will decline swiftly. The dishonourable son and his millionaire ministers who are PAID BY US will do well. But, we will be burdened with the difficult situation they have put us into.

  7. Criminal trespassing? The charge is saying that Mr M.RAVI should NOT be where he was and therefore trespassing. Let’s know the details before we can appropriately comment. But, the WHOLE World is now laughing at Singapore over the family property dispute, namely, 38 Oxley Road. With the PAP MPs in the overwhelming majority 83 out of 89 and this ludicrous and criminal use of taxpayers’ money to resolve his personal matter using Parliament PM LHL will now be condemned. Yes, he will win. That’s a foregone conclusion. But, he will be seen in a very bad light as a leader without moral scruple willing to do anything to get his way. DISHONOURABLE son indeed!

  8. Yes, Milton Wee. The PAP can and will do anything just to have dominance and power over The People. How long more??? The tsunami of resentment will exponentially increase with their failures to deliver thus causing Singaporeans inconvenience and even suffering! This is Year 2017 and NOT 1959! LKY’s era is gone! It is Madness to continue with the tyranny of ‘we decide what is right, never mind what the people think’. PM LHL’s Total Control over his MPs using taxpayers’ money is Wrong, Unconscionable and Totally UNACCEPTABLE! The millionaire ministers are more concern about their million dollars salaries and most importantly must kowtow to the dishonourable son for fear of losing their Ministerial posts. Doing their best for the people they should be serving is a non-issue. Just say YES to the supreme leader, the dishonourable son! And, the rewards are unbelievably great! SADLY, my fellow citizens, WE ARE PAYING FOR THE ABUSES AND WRONGDOINGS OF THE PAP GOVERNMENT!

  9. Welcome to Spore… Ure guilty till proven innocent. Total BS. By arresting Mr Ravi, Sporeans are diverted frm the House… Tactical move? Sad. Sporeans are going back thru ancient times like the peasants Egyptians being ctrlled by Pharoah (PAPukis)

  10. I feel pity for Ravi and I am very sure he is not sound of mind at this period of time. He must seek psychiatric treatment for his bipolar disorder. I am telling this because someone close to me also has this disorder and I have seen how that person behaves whenever that person goes through relapses. I hope his family or closest friends can give him the needed support so that he can be stabilise and contribute to the society

  11. Milton Wee they’re not conservative but pure daft and brain dead which follows blindly. There’s no longer empathy presence in Singapore anymore

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