Singapore News Lawyer Khush Chopra echoes Tan Kin Lian's call to be ‘big-minded,' encourage...

Lawyer Khush Chopra echoes Tan Kin Lian’s call to be ‘big-minded,’ encourage alternative politicians




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On Friday morning, February 8, Singaporean businessman and social activist Tan Kin Lian encouraged people to “Be big minded towards alternative politicians.”

His main point was this: in order to bring about change, big-minded people are necessary. He defines big-mindedness as looking for commonality, strength, and agreement.

In contrast, a small-minded person does the opposite, and tears apart “points that are sound,” Tan said. And, while the people presently in power only enact policies that serve themselves and those like them, the interests of ‘ordinary people’—such as the high cost of living, insufficient salaries and the lack of job security— are neglected.

Therefore, according to Tan, “To make the changes that are necessary, they are some people who are willing to step forward and provide an alternative set of policies to the PAP.”

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Chopra strongly agreed with Tan’s assertion, re-posting what Tan wrote, and adding this,

“Tan Kin Lian is making a most important point here. It’s rather difficult to find people willing to put their necks on the line in Singapore … yet many nitpick about every little wart and blemish about opposition politicians.

Yes we need to encourage the opposition not denigrate them. Focus on the ideas and not undertake character assignation campaigns. We need to be big minded as Tan Kin Lian asks us to be.”

Chopra engaged with commenters on his post.

In answering a commenter, Chopra said the point is all about fairness of treatment. He argued that should PAP members be closely examined, their faults would be similarly exposed.

Netizens also commented on Tan Kin Lian’s post, saying that one person or party should not stay in power continuously, as this is detrimental to everyone else, a point that Tan agreed with.

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