Home News Lawyer accused of sexual misconduct, firm looking into allegations

Lawyer accused of sexual misconduct, firm looking into allegations

Accusation made by another lawyer in a 35-minute video on Instagram




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Singapore — A candidate in the recent General Election is once again in the news but not because of politics this time.

Mr Charles Yeo, 30, was in the Reform Party team that contested in Ang Mo Kio GRC.

On his Instagram Story on Thursday (July 23), Mr Yeo stated that he had received a message that alerted him to allegations of sexual misconduct by a lawyer, Mr Imran Rahim, 32. The latter is the husband of influencer Andrea Chong, 28.

It was alleged that he had behaved that way against young debaters when he was a debate coach. The post added that Mr Imran had abused young interns in the law firm and that this was confirmed by those in the firm.

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Screengrab from Mr Yeo’s Instagram Story

Mr Yeo, who is also a lawyer, has released a 35-minute video on Instagram addressing the allegations. It can be viewed here. He has also challenged Mr Imran to serve him with a writ of defamation.

Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP), where Mr Imran works, told Today Online that it was  investigating the claims of sexual misconduct.

A spokesperson said: “The firm takes all allegations impacting an employee’s moral, social and professional standing as an individual, as a member of the firm and, in the larger scheme of things, as a member of the legal profession very seriously.”

The spokesperson added that the firm was looking into the matter and that it had a “zero-tolerance policy towards any matter concerning sexual impropriety”.

On Thursday (July 23), Mr Imran released a statement on his Instagram page, denying the allegations. He said he did not know Mr Yeo personally and did not understand why Mr Yeo had decided to take hits at him.

Mr Imran is a senior associate at the law firm dealing with commercial litigation and dispute resolution. With investigations ongoing, he is currently on leave of absence. /TISG

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