Launderette with Islamic concept in Perlis now serves everyone

Picture from Facebook

The owner of a launderette in Perlis which served only Muslims has decided to extend its services to non-Muslims.

Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin said the decision was made after he and the Raja Muda of Perlis visited the shop on Thursday night, reported The Star.

After the visit, the owner decided to cover the signate ‘Muslims only’ to extend its services to all.

This is the second launderette in Malaysia that decided to serve Muslims only after the Johor launderette.

The Mufti of Perlis explained that the owner was advised that such segregation was not right and does not follow the teachings of Islam.

However, he said that it was not wrong for the owner to operate a launderette with an Islamic concept, that is equipped with a surau and has versus from the Quran being played over the system.

In a report in Berita Harian, a Malay language daily in Malaysia, the owner said he was using the Islamic concept idea for marketing strategy purposes and had no intent on causing racial disturbances.



  1. In the southern United States of America they use to practice segragation until it was stop by Martin Luthor King who fought for equal rights. In South Africa there was Apartheid until Nelson Mandela brought it to an end. Now we see Extremist trying to do the same in Malaysia. Thank God for the Sultan of Johor who put a stop to it. My humblest salute to a very good Muslim Sultan of Johor. May God Bless your Royal Highness.

  2. Look like Najib missed a good chance to show that he is a moderate as he always keep telling the whole world. IF he has put a stop to such bigotry first he will get accolades all over and people will see him in a different light unlike the riots at Petaling Street which most people linked him with those holigans! The Sultan of Johore is the Most Respected Sultan in Malaysia now because he speaks what is wrong openly – Nothing to Hide!