Langkawi cable car malfunction leaves hundreds stranded

Picture Credit: WhatsApp
More than 800 tourists and personnel were stranded after the Langkawi SkyCab cable car system experienced a technical fault yesterday evening.
News reports in Malaysia say 50 people were in cable cars when the malfunction occurred, and the rest were at the first station on the 713m-high Mount Machinchang.
Kedah Fire and Rescue Department public relations officer Mohamad Mustakim Mukhtar said a group of 16 Langkawi Fire and Rescue Department personnel were deployed to the scene, in Oriental Village, Teluk Burau, after being informed about the incident at 6.53pm.
“The team, which arrived at 7.06pm, helped the cable car company workers bring spare parts to the first station by climbing the mountain.”According to Bernama, he said the technical fault was expected to be fixed within two to three hours.
He said rescue personnel made their way up Mount Machinchang after receiving a distress call at 6.53pm.
The gondolas carrying the 88 people were manually operated so that the passengers could be rescued.