Home News Lamborghini driver accepts only S$1 from "Taxi Uncle" after minor accident

Lamborghini driver accepts only S$1 from “Taxi Uncle” after minor accident

The taxi driver had paid S$200 to Fed Wu for repairs to his car which had been scratched, however Mr Wu generously refused to accept the sum and took only one dollar, returning the rest




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SINGAPORE – On Thursday (Feb 13), after a small accident, a taxi driver paid a Lamborghini owner S$200 for damages to his car. The man refunded the taxi driver S$199, meaning he only accepted a dollar. Netizens, especially fellow taxi drivers, praised the man for his kindness and generosity.

Fed Wu is the owner of a gorgeous yellow Lamborghini. On the streets of Singapore, a car like that is hard to miss. Mr Wu started his day with something that could put any of us in a foul mood—scratches on his beautiful vehicle.

Mr Wu took to Facebook to talk about the incident. He posted photos featuring his yellow Lamborghini, a silver-coloured Silver Cab KIA taxi and messages he exchanged with the driver.

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Posted by Fed Wu on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

This photo shows the Lamborghini and the taxi very close to each other:

Photo: Fe Wu/Facebook

This photo shows some scratches on the shiny yellow car:

Photo: Fe Wu/Facebook

Mr Wu noted on his post that the “Taxi Uncle” had readily admitted his fault in the accident and did not argue or put up a fuss at all. He said that the taxi driver said that times were bad and asked that Mr Wu not make a claim against him.

In the post, Mr Wu shared screen shots of messages he exchanged with the taxi driver:

Photo: Fe Wu/Facebook

The messages exchanged between Mr Wu and the “Taxi Uncle” show that Mr Wu received S$200 from the taxi driver as compensation for the damages to his Lamborghini. He then said that he “managed to get a cheaper repair” and refunded S$199 back to the taxi driver, thereby keeping only S$1.

“I managed to get a cheaper repair. I understand driving taxi during this period is hard and high risk. Send me your Posb saving account. I refund you some,” wrote Mr Wu.

The messages show that Mr Wu did indeed refund “some” of the money back to the cabbie—all S$199 of it! He kept only S$1 of the payment for repairs and acknowledged that he would not be claiming against the “Taxi Uncle”, who was grateful for Mr Wu’s kindness.

“Thanks!!! Hard times but still have to make for living,” was the taxi driver’s reply.

Mr Wu’s post was shared on the Facebook group Singapore Taxi Driver on Thursday (Feb 13). Many netizens were delighted by the Lamborghini owner’s good deed and praised him for his kindness and generosity.

“Respect, bro. A big thank you from all the taxi drivers,” wrote one user.

TISG reached out to Mr Wu for comment and clarification on the incident. /TISG

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