Lamborghini deftly slips underneath carpark gantry without paying parking fee


A video of a Lamborghini deftly slipping under the barrier of a carpark gantry, and thereby avoiding getting its cashcard debited, has been circulating online.

Netizen Chen Wen Xing shared the video of the supercar pulling off the feat on Facebook. Netizens responding to the post were bemused and noted that it would still take over a thousand years to afford such a luxury car if you manage to save about $2 on parking fees each day:




  1. 2 brief comments:
    1. In all fairness, the car park management is as blameworthy as the tight-assed piker of a driver; the management knows better to erect such a faulty system that is so Lamborg-friendly.

    2. A misnomer by TISG to call it a ‘carpark gantry’. A list of recommended descriptions would be: parking toll barrier, electronic barrier gate, toll entrance barrier, carpark gate barrier, etc. … my preference would be garage tollgate.

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