KTV hostess’ eyeball pops out after stiletto-wearing colleague stomps on her face


A part-time hostess at Club One KTV Boutique in Jalan Sultan was blinded after her eyeball popped out when a colleague repeatedly kicked her in the face while wearing 14.5 centimeter stiletto heels, during a brawl.

The court heard this Tuesday that the two hostesses had a tense working relationship prior to the scuffle, which occurred on 8 Oct 2015. On that day, 30-year-old Nur Lena Rahmat and 28-year-old Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim got into an argument about a set of braces Nur Lena’s friend had planned to sponsor for Siti Zahara’s sister.

Nur Lena’s friend and Siti Zahara’s sister were in a relationship, but the friend still wanted to pay for the braces after his relationship with Siti Zahara’s sister ended. Nur Lena reportedly tried to persuade her friend against bearing the financial cost now that his relationship was over, and Siti Zahara was upset about her colleague’s interference in the matter.

What started as a disagreement at 3.20am quickly escalated into a violent skirmish. Both women fell to the ground, where Siti Zahara began kicking in Nur Lena’s direction repeatedly. Siti Zahara kept kicking even when her stiletto heel hit Nur Lena’s eyelid twice, before eventually piercing the victim’s left eye, causing her eyeball to pop out.


The court heard that Nur Lena shouted, “I cannot see, I cannot see,” before she was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where her left eye had to be removed.

Besides losing her left eye, Nur Lena also suffered temporal hemianopia in her right eye, and doctors discovered that her sight in her remaining eye is limited to the nasal part of her visual field.

Nearly two full years after the violent altercation, Siti Zahara was convicted on Tuesday of causing grievous hurt to Nur Lena due to a rash act that endangered the personal safety of others. She will return to court on 31 Oct, before being sentenced.


Siti Zahara could be jailed for a maximum of four years and fined up to $10,000 for committing the offence.


    • Sabree Abdul Rahim they may not be muslims at all…. but the ‘high horse’ as you claim, is practiced daily by muslims around the globe against non-muslims…. how come you never act on the misdeads of your lovely religion, but always point fingers at others ?

    • Whoever can do whatever they wanna do…no matter what race…religion…creed n what have you….if u think e righteous thing to do is to judge wht others do, nobody has any rt to tell u otherwise…its yor life therefore yor own choosing.

    • Religion n race aside. Perhaps its hardship they were experiencing hence drove them to compromise on the practice.

      Going blind n losing sight is a pitiful thing…..hope she recovers soon, both mentally, medically n spiritually.

    • Brendan Chua Thiam Keong you need to widen your horizons my friend… there are malay hindus in bali, malay christians around.. don’t need to stereotype all malays = muslims… i have a malay christian colleague too..

    • Sabree Abdul Rahim the White Supremacists in the U.S. and their republican enablers are very much the same than the islamists… but they are confined to their own country… the problem why ppl hate you and your hypocrisy is that your ‘peaceful brothers’ travel to other countries to murder innocent people… or as you wld say ‘spread their love’…

    • Many here get race and religion mixed up. Chinese, Indians, Malays, and Eurasions are races. Nothing to do with religion. Anyone can be any religion. And not all Malays are Muslims. Many are not aware of this…

    • So what ure trying to say Buddhist Hindus sikhs Christians Taoist allows their own daughters to work as hostess or prostitute at ktv or nightclub since ure trying to say Muslim cannot.

    • Hey guys. It’s not about religion here.its about two ladies getting into a brawl.
      Be sensitive about what we comment. Or maybe some of us here are using this opportunity to make an uncalled for comments.

    • Brendan..why do you have to bring race n religion into this.And I ask you now…whether you’re a Chinese Taoist Buddhist or Christian whatever.Can that Chinese work as Hostess or prostitute ?

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