Kiss 92’s faux apology for racist comments gets slammed


An SPH owned radio station, Kiss 92, was¬†taken to task yesterday (11 Jan) by listeners for a racist segment it aired. The segment which aired on the¬†Maddy, Jason & Arnold show in the morning, talked about the lack of sleep Singaporeans get and expressed surprise that “Malays and Indians get less sleep…because they‚Äôve been raised to have fun, party.”

Radio Jockey Maddy¬†(RJ) subsequently put up an apology for the comments in the radio’s Facebook page, but it¬†was slammed as being faux apology.

Facebook user Sjanies van Zwienen pointed out that the RJ’s apology is “sorry if you got offended” instead of “Sorry for our behaviour.”

Swapna Abhilash said that if the radio station and the RJ thought that they did not do anything wrong, they should not apologise.

Maressa Zahirah identifying herself as having media background asked the radio station to release the recording of the segment if they thought that the words were taken out of context.