Kind taxi driver stands up to drunk Ang Moh men who try to steal cab from mother and daughter


A kind taxi driver stood up to two allegedly drunk Caucasian men who reportedly tried to steal a cab from a mother and daughter who hailed the cab first.

The Caucasian men who wanted to go The Caribbean at Keppel Bay engaged in a brief standoff with the resolute taxi driver, Mr William Lee, but backed off when Mr Lee threatened to call the police. Mr Lee recounted:

“When I objected, they offered to pay me S$10 extra to take them to The Carribean. I stood firm that the ladies flagged my taxi first and refused to give in to them even though they did not want to leave my taxi.

“After a brief stand-off, they finally gave up after I reached for my phone to call the police. The reputation of our SPF saves the day!”

Mr Lee also shared dashboard camera footage of the incident, which captured the exchange between the Caucasians, the mother and himself:

In the video, one of the Caucasian men can be heard arguing with the taxi driver and refuses to exit the taxi. When the driver asserts “I’m not taking you,” the man responds: “What are you going to do? What are you going to do? We’re in the cab?”

The man then offers a bribe of $10 to the driver to ferry him instead of the mother and daughter. The man only backs away when the driver turns the bribe down and threatens to call the police.

The mother who enters the cab after the Caucasian men leave can be heard thanking the taxi driver profusely.