KIM: It was tough to get to Singapore as the past worked as fetters on our limbs!


The dear North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said it was not easy to get to Singapore for the summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

His comments, as per interpretation) reads as follows:

CHAIRMAN KIM:  (As interpreted.)  Well, it was not easy to get here.  The past worked as fetters on our limbs, and the old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward.  But we overcame all of them, and we are here today.

Talking like a propagandist that he is, Kim apparently spoke in the style of centuries-old Korean proverbs that talk about wisdom in a bid to attract Trump’s sympathy.

In reply to Kim’s statement, Trump said: Its true.

Trump earlier said: “I feel really great.  We’re going to have a great discussion and, I think, tremendous success. It will be tremendously successful.  And it’s my honor.  And we will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt.”

These were the initial remarks by both leaders before the media was asked to leave the room where the historic meeting took place.


  1. A Consequent Report Card For The Trump-Kim Summit Related Players: Winners and Losers Spotlighted

    The day after the July 12, 2018 Trump-Kim Singapore summit: here’s a snapshot of the performance scorecard for six interested group of players of this summit…

    1. The Americans rack up a big Ai (I), namely, an INCOMPLETE grade with oodles of KIVs to be followed through.

    2. The North Koreans ace it with flying colors nailing a solid A+ for having their cake and eating it too…earning overnight their international cachet, meanwhile, keeping intact their nuclear weaponry.

    3. The Chinese also get a sterling A+ for diligently and successfully prepping their mentee/buffer-state neighbor for this Singapore summit.

    4. The South Koreans score a B+ for their assiduous rapprochement breakthrough endeavors preceding the summit; but they will now have to learn live with a permanently nuclear-armed neighbor henceforth, albeit a less bellicose one going forward.

    5. The Japanese net a D, an obviously unsatisfactory mark for this summit; the eventual rewrite of their constitution to enable sufficient re-arming of themselves bids fair on the distant horizon.

    6. And finally, host country Singapore chalks up an A for logistic efficiency and execution, reinforcing her reputation as a super MICE locus. (MICE=meeting/travel incentive/conference/exhibition)
    Winners/Losers spotlighted in high relief…

    First, concerning the losers: I’m being generous in the above grade of INCOMPLETE for Trump and his team. But frankly, just what is to be expected of such a hastily cobbled together summit? Some historical perspective may be in order here… It took then US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger more than 6 months to prep for Nixon’s 1972 maiden China summit, whereas the current US State Secretary Mike Pompeo (sworn in to his office only in late April) literally has had less than 6 weeks to pave the way for this epochal Trump-Kim summit. Regrettably, this historic meeting between the two leaders turned out essentially to be nothing more than an extravagant photo op for Trump’s newfound bromance with a nuclear power-hungry autocrat. Indeed, not to put too fine a point on it, the Trump-Kim joint declaration isn’t worth the paper it is printed on as regards Pyongyang’s commitment to denuclearization. Alas, Trump’s much publicly touted criteria for the summit entailing the so-called CVID (complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization) stipulations are conspicuously absent from the joint communique. This evisceration of the purported benchmark for the summit coupled with Trump’s abrupt intimation to suspend future military exercises with South Korea can only be construed as Trump’s impulse to propitiate Marshall Kim, banking in return on his goodwill follow-through in voluntary denuclearization at some nebulous future date. Good luck to that! In a June 11 prior blogpost, I’ve characterized this summit a ‘squandered opportunity’ by Trump —…/a-squandered-summit-oppo…/

    Now, concerning the winners: Watching this haphazardly convened summit from afar, President Xi has to be rubbing his hands with glee on what must be sounding like sweet music to his ears over the said suspension of military exercises in his neighborhood. Separately, there is simply no historical precedent for a rogue state that had built up its nuclear arsenal from scratch to subsequently blithely ‘denuclearize’ in order to come in from the cold. Kim’s thorough read of Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ is clearly paying dividends. In time, it would become increasingly evident that the king of the Art of the Deal was in fact being outmaneuvered by the upstart princeling in study. Moreover, unlike Trump with a term-limited office tenure, Kim has none; he expects himself to be around long after Trump is dead and gone — having nuclear weapons at his disposal makes it a must for his regime’s long-term survivability. Thus, there is a snowball chance in hell of Marshall Kim de-nuking on his own volition. Willy-nilly, his nukes are here to stay as Trump has made that all quite possible for him at this maiden summit in Singapore.

    And finally here’s a postscript to the incidental windfall for the host country Singapore: The cost for hosting this dramatic Trump-Kim summit — SGD$20 mil; the free and favorable publicity generated for the host — priceless! Indeed, even the weather on that very day conspired to grace the historic occasion… a delightful, all-day zephyr wafted relief to the frantically at work hordes of visiting photographers and reporters in the thousands from the world over, sparing them the otherwise sweltering, muggy summer-like condition on the island at this time of the year. As well, the Prime Minister of the host nation even got a lucky break himself…