Khaw Boon Wan has “our full support and confidence” – PM Lee says at PAP Convention 2017


Opining that Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has one of the toughest jobs in Cabinet, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong asserted this morning that Khaw has the People’s Action Party’s full support and confidence, to applause from other party members:

“I want Boon Wan and his team to know that they have our full support and confidence.”

The head of government was speaking at this year’s PAP convention, held at the Big Box in Jurong this morning.

Pointing to the train collision at Joo Koon station earlier this week that caused at least 36 people to sustain injuries and the MRT tunnel flooding incident last month that caused a 20-hour service disruption, PM Lee said: “We have made progress, but there have been setbacks.”

PM Lee revealed that Khaw and his team are “are extremely disappointed with the recent incidents,” and added that improving train reliability is a very complicated problem and that the relevant organisations need to be strengthened to consistently perform well.

He also said that there are the recent spate of issue plaguing the MRT network yields lessons to be learned and that the causes of MRT issues need to be established so that things can be rectified.

The PM furthermore acknowledged that the people’s frustrations over persistent MRT issues are understandable, but asserted that efforts to improve public train transport are showing results. He added that it only doesn’t feel like results are being achieved because major incidents damage public confidence:

“The best thing we can do now is to give our transport team the time and space to fix the problems.”

The PM’s speech just concluded and can be viewed here:

FB Live: Watch People's Action Party Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong delivering his opening address at the PAP Awards and Convention 2017.

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday, 18 November 2017


    • Today, to and off work, commuters instinctively click on to the news … break down? … slow down? To those who had clapped, in Singlish, this bad. We fear for our Country.

  1. Doesn’t he understand that nobody gives a flying f to 8 out of 10 things you do well if 2 out of 10 badly done things are high-profile, confidence-destroying impactful negatives?

  2. Anyone that complain , criticize or question the integrity of LHL support of KBW will be severely dealt with. Feel bad for those who won’t or can’t speak up.

  3. honestly, what did singaporeans expect? that he would say his own party mates have to go?

    be realistic singaporeans.

    this is what happens when you vote a majority party and they all toe the party line.

  4. LHL not even close to LKY shadow . Most netizen worries , CPF is the biggest issues , minimum sum increasing every yr, & now , Medisave Caps follow increase annually ! It’s our hard earn monies that you ppl gamble with !!

  5. 有屁支持。。。(免惊。。。死马当。。。活马医)。。。(浓包。。。草包。。。一起耒。。。一家亲)。。。(财源滚滚)。。。(不是俺。。。滚。。。(多死几个。。。岛民)。。。小小事一件。。。(同人不同命。。。天公保佑)。。。(天佑岛民)。。。。呼呼。。。。。

  6. Not the pap we know. Most of them care for themself now.
    Many years they say stop at one we did . Now they need people they bring a lot of Ft. Our children now ?? . Every time new rules who rearly gain. Just live life and wait.

  7. Probably he is correct , since he plans to step down , it will be good idea he step down earlier and reward and elevate Mr. KBW to PM and let a new rookie takes over as MOT as a training ground. whta’s your say.

  8. PM LHL, After the nasty accident Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan still has ‘our full support and confidence’ is unbelievable! This is after the all so frequents breakdowns of the MRT! Sorry, PM LHL, You must have rocks in your head!

    • Nice one, Pan. I’d be wary. PM LHL senile and talks rubbish? I’m months older than him so I’d religiously be on ‘brain food’ to fend off dementia or commonly known as senility. Seriously, this spoilt brat, 20 Year Apprentice and dishonourable son was described by me as ‘an unmitigated disaster’ in an earlier post and he promptly ‘double confirmed’ it with ‘our full support and confidence’ in Minister KBW. Goodness. Singaporeans must wake up from their complacency and sloth into putting your trust in the now damaged and beyond redemption PAP government. In our midst we have ample talents. To the young and idealistic would be National Leaders: Don’t let anyone despise your youth. Take up the challenge. Think. Brainstorm. Consult. Experiment. Ask for help whenever necessary. NOBODY is a KNOW ALL! LKY gave the impression that he is INDISPENSABLE. The TRUTH: He is a fraud. The Conman Extraordinaire. The best in the business. Without the help of the UN representative, the late Mr Albert Winsemius to assist our economic development after our Independence Singapore may NOT have progressed as much as we had. Further, the team of committed Ministers, the so called PAP Old Guards, complemented the achievement of Singapore’s economic development. Alas, simultaneously, the evil mind of LKY was conjuring the destruction of the Opposition against his (LKY’s) policies. The despicable crime of deprivation and the denial of the human rights of his opponents that followed are well documented. We have to put RIGHT and destroy the evil of the past of LKY. ALL banished citizens must be allowed back home. Their exile is NO LONGER TENABLE! This is an abuse of their Human Rights. And, in this day and age there are SEVERE PENALTIES for breaching Human Rights.

    • This is what a poor fkup leader we have in Singapore. He cannot even lived up to his father name. And he mentioned he has built sg for 62 years? It was his father Mr LKY built and he as his son is running it down.

    • @ Karlson Yap Guorong : I’d give due credit to LKY. However, LKY cannot do it by himself! He had the support of Dutchman Mr Albert Winsemius who was sent in to Singapore to assist in our economic development. Also, the times FAVOURED LKY as he had a team of loyal, dedicated and competent ministers. Most IMPORTANTLY: A cooperative and hardworking citizenry who rallied to LKY’s call that we had to survive because ‘nothing is free and nobody owes us a living’. It was the great BS of LKY. He then went on to subjugate the citizens. Even UNJUSTLY imprisoning them for decades because he saw them as a threat to his political supremacy. And, to the point of PM LHL: He is an unmitigated disaster. Domestically and in Foreign Relations. He must go! Another Chiak Leow Bee.

  9. Showing wat result..more breakdowns n hippcups than ever..time for a new PM to lead..ur time is over ..just like LKY leader leading alin a new era whether success or failed is another issue.

  10. LJ lah. no improvement of any sort n accident happened stil talk cock. no mention on compensation. no plans, how it wil carried out, etc is being revealed on how to improve n yet….. all use cb mouth only lah… now i use my middle finger. up yours.

  11. As much as I hate to say it, the main problem lies with us. Why? Because when things happen, people bitch and blast at the ruling party online. But nearer GE, they will hand out subsidies and vouchers and whatever, and suddenly they will get the votes again. This is the sad reality unfortunately.

    • Yes, Harry. Minister Khaw Boon Wan himself said that the MRT is stretched beyond its maximum capacity. This is a BASIC problem. And, when the population increase further and more people take the MRT then the problems will get worse! SAFETY will then be a HUGE issue. Minister KBW has to make changes including replacing the MRT trains with new ones with much higher passenger carrying loads. P.S. He has the facts and figures about the MRT. It is his Responsibility to make the MRT Safe and Reliable.

  12. The whole room is full of PAP supporters. Feeling like a rock star. So what is trying to imply? Lee Iacocca once said, “Mistakes are part of life. Just hope that it is not expensive and it does not happen twice!”

  13. I have confidence that Minister Khaw is able to restore the reliability of our transport. To those sceptics, do you volunteer to step into a position that spell trouble? Minister Khaw did. What about you? Talk only?

  14. Do u all now understand what is wrong with the Government today?? They reward failure and incompetent Minister even though they do a lousy job!! Ownself support ownself !! Ownself praises ownself is a recipe for more failure !

  15. Now, PM, are you saying your whole party is staking its reputation on Khaw? Can we take it that another disaster means your party is a pathetic lot ought to be thrown out of government? Otherwise why you need to speak on a big issue only over the heads of your own men? Don’t you think you are look cowardly as a PM?

  16. The citizens of this country should just let Khaw BW know supporting the present CEO of smrt, LG(NS) Desmond Kwek is not a solution. Former minister, Lui TY n CEO of LTA, Chee ML have thrown in the towel to indicate the severity of the problem smrt is facing. Pm Lee also mentioned that he is going to conduct a cabinet reshuffle soon n he should appoint capable ministers

  17. Hello there, wake up lah. It’s not about you all having confidence, it’s the daily commuters and or end users. You guys/gals got very comfortable MB/BM/LX and don’t have the slightest feeling of frustrations the commuters are facing and got the guts to freeze 2018 new COE. You are choking the nation!

  18. Hmm sometimes u wonder an intelligent person such as him, does he have the full support of his own ministers or are they just fooling around with him internally.

  19. Don’t ever commit another mistake of floating a public good or service on the stock exchange to let Temasek make money. It’s not the present team at SMRT. It’s the government that decided on listing that forces a certain behaviour on the CEO. Don’t ever forget this lesson !

  20. OMG our leaders really not hearing people on the ground , if this is what our leaders in Singapore view recent problems and issues , and telling all Singaporean his parties still give 100% support to a crowns ,we Singaporean and Singapore please be prepare to live as 3rd world soon . LKY and his team of people who did all the hard works , now pass down to @&#% is gone for ever

  21. Maybe Khaw not the one licking his balls, maybe it is Cow knows things, bad things that he did and with that Cow still gets his millions $ job

  22. After President n this incident. As long we are a conscious Singaporean .a true born Singaporean. We should really be concern that our voice is not heard by PAP. Something is wrong

  23. LKY and his old guards does not believe in protecting mediocre performers. LHL and his ministers unfortunately not only tolerate poor performers but also try to talk down the issue. What utter nonsense. Its daily breakdowns that people are frustrated with. The major problems just make it even more unbearable. As PM, you dont even realised how much productivity we have lost as a country because of these breakdowns.

  24. A famous speech and quote from President Xi of China, if you want to be in Government then don’t ever think of making it rich and if you want to be rich, then don’t be in the Government.
    If you want to make use of your Government positions to make a quick one to become rich, sooner or later you will be finished.
    This should be a good Quote for PAP people.and also RC

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