Khaw: Aside from the flooding incident and MRT collision, we are “actually making good progress”


Social media is rife with fresh citicism over Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s comments last night that aside from the flooding incident and MRT collision, “we were making good progress”:

“I gave myself 4 years. We are halfway through. If not for (the Joo Koon collision) as well as the flooding incident, we were actually making good progress, as PM Lee described before”

Khaw Boon Wan on improving MRT reliability

"I gave myself 4 years. We are halfway through. If not for (the Joo Koon collision) as well as the flooding incident, we were actually making good progress, as PM Lee described before": Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on improving MRT reliability.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Minister was referring to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s comments on the public train transport here, while he was speaking at the PAP Convention last Sunday.

Pointing to the train collision at Joo Koon station earlier this week that caused at least 36 people to sustain injuries and the MRT tunnel flooding incident last month that caused a 20-hour service disruption, PM Lee said: “We have made progress, but there have been setbacks.”

Commenting that the government’s standards must have dropped if this is considered “good progress,” netizens trolled Khaw mercilessly:

The Transport Minister’s comments came after a statement released by SMRT and LTA yesterday that 17 East-West Line (EWL) MRT stations and 2 North-South Line (NSL) MRT stations will be fully closed on Dec 10 and Dec 17 and that will close earlier on Fridays and Saturdays (11pm) and open later on Saturdays and Sundays (8am).

This is to allow for extended engineering hours, according to the statement.


  1. Aside from the flooding incident and MRT collision, we are “actually making good progress”. Yes Khaw, the flooding incident and MRT collision is no big deal. Very “ikan billis” issue to all of you, our rulers.

  2. The Penang Cow shld do his harakiri instead of papering over his failure; he must have been relieved after the dishonorable son decided to back him up in that PAP CEC. Maybe no other Minister wanted to clean up the mess left by Ho Ching’s appointee Saw Phaik Hwa.

  3. (Reposted here from my Fb page)

    Thales Group’s reputation is on the line and so is Khaw’s (Transport Minister)…

    The ‘re-signaling’ issues that resulted in the recent near-static collision of 2 trains in Singapore’s subway system call into question serious software glitches as well as human/engineering oversight. Thales is the provider of the signaling control system, whose parent company is headquartered in Paris, which, incidentally, is embroiled in the ongoing official probe into the Malaysian Scorpene submarine affair.

    Transport Minister Khaw’s ambitious and bold promise of raising the city’s metro train performance benchmark from the current 300,000 to 1 million MKBF (mean kilometers between failure) by 2020 is laudable, and we wish him all the luck in achieving the mark.

  4. Making good progress should see results! What have we seen so far? The so often break downs if that’s progress referred by KBW then yes we have made ‘Good’ progress!!!!

    • 看来不弄死人不罢休。





    • No.

      U need someone who handle state matters in the oppos.

      Else… u will just get another parasite. That’s all.

      U see PAP…?

      So what succession?

      Who do u think can handle anything at all?


      Only I can clean up the mess.


  5. Cos the government have no choice…no others pap’s members want s this post so …no matters how fuk up it can be….KBW have to be the man…The TAICHI man….

  6. SG is a great country — import people, 2 casinos, all very good – do not speak bad, about govt — symbol look at the merlion – sppitting but not fined — only elite can do this

    • elites can spit ordinary people cannot get fined .. I forgot to add we tried genetic engineering in the early years — mothers must be graduates so look at all the likes of Mr Khaw etc … speaking sense and not does not seem perverse to him .. great talents

    • Mark my words – the MCE and KPE tunnels are very badly constructed and maintained ! The air circulation there is really scary and toxic ! There is no exhaust or they are not working any more. watch yr car thermometer when drive inside these tunnels !

  7. To the 70% that voted for this present lot of Ministers, how you guys realized what you done. Their standard of care for the welfare and well being of Singaporeans are so low that it’s beyond comprehension. Has our standard of excellence and expectations have dropped so much that we consider almost daily breakdowns in SMRT services as improvement, then this is not the Singapore that I had worked so hard and contributed to its progress, this past 67 years. I want a new generation of leaders that is not willing to compromise on substandard performances from its charges. My hard earned taxes that contributed to the scholarship for these bunch of ungrateful leaders who take for granted their station in life, as their rights instead of as a privilege that they need to give back to society and serve all Singaporeans for the greater good of Singapore, then it’s time we replace them with a new bunch of leaders with passion to serve Singapore and not because of the million dollars salaries that they are paid. Wake up Singaporeans. # I Am Proud of Singapore But I Am Ashamed Of My Government#

    • He is making Singapore worse than many third world countries ! He is really a shameless idiot ! No honour and integrity and his greed knows no bound ! Otherwise he would have resigned long ago due to the shameful MRT incidents

  8. Alamat loss his brain cell, got stuck at his ass causing constipation thus choke the bowel system and ejected out filth and shit from his mouth! , agree?

  9. I am sure progress has been made. BUT as end users what do we measure? Downtime and delays. Regardless of how much improvement, those yardstick will still be there.

    What it means of our train system might have more problem than we believe. If no progress has made does that mean a complete system shut down. Hmm….

  10. Talk Cock minister Khaw
    If making good progress by now should see results ? What hv Singaporeans seen so far ? We SEE nothing , Singaporeans only see mrt fare up only?

  11. Apart from constant breakdown an accident never seen before since we started MRT, Flooding… we are making a lot of progress. Think he can join Trump’s ex-speaker (Sean Spicer) wagon. They seemed to sing the same song.

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